WP SEO Gold Review

WP SEO Gold Review

WP SEO Gold is being marketed through JVZOO – an affiliate marketing platform.  This is a new product that has recently been launched on the 21st of November 2018. So, I have created the WP SEO Gold Review to give you a bit of rundown of the product. Find out some functional details and the affiliate program available.

SO, you can also promote WP SEO Gold and earn an income.

WP SEO Gold Review Background

Radu Hahaianu and Mike Mckay designed this WP based software to interface with search engine optimization (SEO) code on your WordPress site. It is not based on your niche or website but interfaces with your content to optimise it. The sales pitch for it is that your traffic will increase significantly because your SEO will be technically spot on.

Name:  WP SEO Gold – Plugin

Website:  http://wpseogold.co/fesales/      Affiliate codes available through JVZOO

Owners:  Radu Hahaianu and Mike Mc Kay

Price:  $18.93 plus a series of upsells. You can earn 50% commission on the sale of this product.

Recommendation:  There is some value here – It’s not for me but could assist others.  It cuts a bit of time off the SEO process by prefilling the WordPress SEO fields and has some pretty handy looking automated features. However, it is similar to Yoast SEO, and that is a Free product.  It’s not an expensive plugin (initial level), but you could do it all manually for nothing. Looks like a reasonable product if you want serious help with your SEO and can afford it.

Owners of WP SEO GOLD


What is the WP SEO Gold Plugin?

WP SEO Gold is a WordPress plugin that allows users to take care of all their SEO functions inside the WP dashboard with just a few clicks. There are a few intuitive features that they talk about that could certainly cut down a lot of time that you spend on your content based search engine optimisation.

They “guarantee” to make everyone promoting it a lot of money and help its subscribers, no matter what the niche,  SEO, affiliate marketing, video marketing, local, etc. Its a tall claim – and no specifics re the ‘Guarantee’.

What are the Features

Having a look through the product video below it gives you are pretty good run through of the functionality of the plugin and how it looks within the WordPress dashboard.  Some of the features I really like.

It has ‘One Click’ optimization – which really means that one click highlights all the SEO problems that you need to fix.

Intuitive keyword search – the software analyses your content and provides a list of alternative keywords that you can use for your post. So it sort of does keyword research for you. Generally, I would do my keyword research before typing any words, but I can see that it could be helpful in finding BETTER keyword options for you based on the content.  Having not seen it in action (the program was not launched yet when I did this review) you would want to check it all pretty closely to see what you get.

SEO Post Score – you get a mark out of 100 that you need to try to achieve to get the perfect SEO score on your post. The program basically gives you hints on what needs to be fixed, which you do manually.  I get that on my Yoast SEO program too.

There certainly seem to be some neat functions. But if you are a user of Yoast SEO, you will understand what the program is doing because it is very similar to the basic Yoast.

Some of the key features below.

The Cost and Upsell Funnel

So in order to make money from the program, you can set yourself up on JVZOO as an affiliate and earn affiliate commissions for selling this program.

WP SEO Gold Purchasing funnel

A quick breakdown of the pricing – Note the WP SEO GOLD Standard is now $18.93 but was $16.93 at time of Pre Launch.

WP SEO Gold Standard (FE): $18.93

All-in-one SEO software carries out full, 1-click SEO optimization on any WordPress site that has it installed. Post SEO score included.  Intuitive keyword research and a long tail keyword analysis. This license covers 3 site installations. There are limitations to this license so you have to upgrade to get unlimited usage.

WP SEO Gold PRO (OTO1): $47

The  WP SEO Gold PRO license gives you use to create and publish unlimited unique articles. You also get Premium SEO training with On/Off Page SEO and back-linking. You will also get unlimited site usage. Full developer rights and priority support are included.

WP SEO Gold Enterprise (OTO2): $27

Enterprise license buyers get SEO optimized images that they say will RANK in Google images. The user also gets faster loading times with their sites which helps to improve rankings and traffic.

You also get priority automatic upgrades to WP SEO Gold. This keeps their site fully optimized to reflect the latest Google trends.

WP SEO Gold Agency (FE): $57

This licence gives buyers access to the WP SEO GOLD sales page to use and support network. Selling WP SEO Gold will get you 100% commissions via JVZoo.

My Thoughts

WP SEO Gold seems to have a bunch of great features. My concern is that SEO is something that you want to be on top of. Having so much automated may make you a bit complacent and you might accept what is given to you through the program rather than what is actually needed.

But, I would imagine if used right it may be beneficial.

Is it worth the money? Well, that is a question I am not sure this WP SEO GOLD Review has been able to answer. Personally, I am happier to use the SEO programs that are offered for specific themes. I particularly like using Yoast for some sites, but others I prefer All-in-one SEO for its simplicity.

Crafting your SEO

I prefer to be personally involved in crafting my SEO for each article. But if this is a program that does it all for you, maybe that has a place.

Most other SEO programs offer a free usable program through WordPress themes. Then you have the opportunity to upgrade to a premium version if your volumes and usage requirements need it. Generally, one upgrade price is offered. It is a pity WP SEO Gold does not offer the same service.

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James is an online and smartphone marketing business owner. If you would like him to help you set up an online business click above and create a free account and we can start from there.

6 thoughts on “WP SEO Gold Review”

  1. I must say that I have not heard about this product although I think that it may be worthy. I especially like that it has keyword research itself. I will try it for sure, price is not high at all even pro version is acceptable but just like you said less automated tools, better.

    1. Hi Daniel. It is only new so I have not seen any other reviews on it yet. I would personally be more comfortable trying it if it had a free initial access with an upgrade option. Thanks for your comments.

  2. As an online marketer, I am always looking for ways to improve my SEO, and to me it seems like there are a lot of plug ins and systems out there that make some pretty big promises, but I alway have to wonder how valid they are. Google, BIng, and Yahoo seem to always be looking to make the short cuts not work.

    Initially I thought, “Great! Sign me up fo WP SEO Gold! I need it.” But after reading your review, it does make sense to not rely on automation and like you said, stay on top of my SEO. 

    The initial price isn’t so bad, but it does look like the upsells would add up pretty fast anyway.

    1. Hi James, thanks for you comments. Yeah, I like the idea of it being automated, but like you say, you would wonder if the search engines would cotton on to the automation and penalise you .. maybe, maybe not. But I like doing it myself for now. 

  3. Good to read through your WP SEO Gold Review. SEO is an extremely important part in a website or blog as it has the capability of increasing traffic and traffic is the money.

    I think this product is worth trying and the price is so affordable considering the value it offers. But to be honest, I’m usually thrown off by upsells.

    1. Hi Barry, yes I was going to try it out on one of my test sites but then I saw the up-sells and immediately left it. I hate that cycle of up and down selling.  I also think if it was a really good product then WordPress would have it selling through their theme plugins.  Maybe it will get there one day. They should just increase the upfront price and make it a one price for the lot. 

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