The Best Internet Business Opportunity

best internet business opportunity

Affiliate marketing is widely considered to be the best internet business opportunity for new online entrepreneurs.  Largely accepted and used these days by all sorts of businesses, affiliate marketing has become a mainstream advertising and marketing method.

But is it easy to learn affiliate marketing for someone starting out fresh?  And what is the best resource available to help people to succeed?

Best Internet Business Opportunity

What is the best internet business?

What I would like to share with you in this article is the main tool that I use. Through some pretty extensive research, I found affiliate marketing to be the best internet business opportunity for me. I wanted to learn affiliate marketing to start earning an additional income – a side hustle to my daily job. Whatever your reason, this is worth looking into.

So, what you will know by the end of this article is:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Who is this for?
  • Can I learn affiliate marketing online?
  • Does affiliate marketing work?

A quick ‘heads up’.

Ok, so to keep this post transparent I would like to show you my number one recommendation for getting started with and learning affiliate marketing.  The program I use is, by all accounts, the best all-in-one platform that you will find online.

Training, tools, support and value for money are all major factors that you want to consider when you start a new business – anywhere.  The “Wealthy Affiliate” platform that I use has all of this, in bucket loads.  I’ll explain more, below, about why I consider this the best internet business opportunity after looking at so many other options.

What is affiliate marketing?

I a nutshell, affiliate marketing is an online business that is based on earning a commission for selling products or services.  Today, thousands of companies provide ‘affiliate programs’ for their products that enable online entrepreneurs (you and I) to inform and market via their own online medium.  That medium could be a website, youtube, social media or a combination of all.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

When you sign up with a company to promote their products you are given a unique identifying code. This code is attached to your advertising link and is tracked via the company’s affiliate program. So when a visitor to your website, for example, purchases a product through one of your links, you earn a commission on the sale. ‘HTTP Cookies‘ exist on most affiliate links that enable you to earn future commissions on any subsequent purchases by that visitor to the same site.

As an affiliate, you promote a product or service and are paid a percentage of the sale when someone makes a purchase through your advert links. The merchant is able to track who referred the customer by using the tracking cookies. These cookies can remain for a period of time with the merchant. This means if your reader returns to the merchant’s site at a later date and buys something, you still get credited for the sale. Win/ Win for you and the merchant.

This is why Affiliate marketing has become so popular. It is certainly one reason why it is considered the best internet business opportunity at this time. And for Merchants, are able to reach markets (clients) that they have not been able to get to before with traditional advertising.

Who is this for?

Opportunity seekers looking for a magic bullet solution or a get-rich-quick opportunity need not apply.  Affiliate marketing does require a lot of consistent work, persistence and dedication.

But in reality, there is no real magic bullet solution to anything. There are a lot of ‘systems’ being touted that say they are ‘done-for-you’ and promise overnight success. I would be very wary of these and, from experience, would not recommend pursuing them. But if you manage to find something that makes you money that quickly, I would suggest it may not be sustainable.

If you’re willing to hard work though, the chances of success and obtaining excellent results are definitely worth it.

There are plenty of everyday people, who are using the exact program that I use, who are generating five, six and even seven figures a year from affiliate marketing alone. These people have simply followed the training and applied what they have learned and above all, have not given up. That is what sets them apart from the ones who do not succeed.

The opportunity is the same for EVERYONE. Anything is possible with the right work ethic!

Can I learn Affiliate Marketing Online?

So, I talk a lot about training. Finding training online for affiliate marketing is not that difficult. But finding good, up to date and fully comprehensive training, at an acceptable price, is a little harder.

I have reviewed a couple of other training programs but I like the Wealthy Affiliate University the best. This is the ONLY online training program, at this level, that offers a free trial login.  So you can set up a free login account right HERE.

No credit cards required or contracts etc .. just a true ‘try before you buy’ offer.

This gives you access to the first full 10 lessons, access to web development tools and WordPress templates so you can create 2 websites while you train.  Hosting is included plus awesome mentor/peer support and 24/7 technical support.

For such a massive market, online marketing still lacks industry standards for training and certification. However, Wealthy Affiliate leads the way with their structured and accessible course materials.

The Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training consists of 5 modules (50 lessons) that show the process of creating and building an online business. You can learn to succeed within any niche of your choice.

Learn affiliate marketing

Does Affiliate Marketing work?

I think the general industry uptake and progression speaks for itself here.

Merchants love the affiliate marketing model because it generally uses a “pay for performance” outcome. This means that it doesn’t cost the merchant anything until a product is actually ordered. So marketing costs are minimal.  It enables merchants to access audiences that they may not have been able to get to previously with conventional advertising. Affiliates also create niche websites to target specific audiences, so sales conversions are generally higher.

As for the affiliate marketer, most agree that this is the best internet business opportunity for them to start on a low budget with minimal or no risk involved. The opportunity to earn an income through this model is very good. It does not work for everyone, because not everyone has the same level of commitment or work ethic.

But in general, there is a massive market available to the affiliate marketing professional to work with and literally billions of online users searching for information online.

What is the Best Internet Business Opportunity?

In conclusion, the affiliate marketing industry is a huge business opportunity that is available for willing entrepreneurs.  Behind every ‘overnight success’ story that you hear about, there have generally been years of preparation, hard work and effort put in to get there.

So if you are intrigued and would like to have a look without having to commit I encourage you to give it a go and try the Wealthy Affiliate program.  

13 thoughts on “The Best Internet Business Opportunity”

  1. Affiliate marketing is something I chose my self quite some time ago. There are so many possibilities to make money with this business concept.

    I’m glad to see that you reveal the truth, it’s not a quick buck opportunity, in fact there is no such opportunity for newbies, it’s building a real business and that takes time.

    The best and fastest way, also the most economic, is to start with Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hello Stefan, affiliate marketing is definitely an economical and risk free business opportunity for people to try. great to hear you have been in the business for a while and have discovered the possibilities. 

  2. I couldn’t agree more that affiliate marketing is the biggest online form of making money or owning a business. However the learning curve is the challenging part of all of it and many fall off the path after some time. One needs trainers that care to be able to hold it together. The value of the content also needs to be top notch, and I know just one platform that has all this and more; Wealthy affiliate.

    Having joined WA under a fortnight ago, I also attest to the fact that this is a no brainer to anyone looking to make money with affiliate marketing. The training comes with love and care and you feel at home soon as you join the platform.

    Once you hop in you will not think about leaving, that I can guarantee.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Victor, thank you so much for your comments. I am very pleased that you have been enjoying the training that comes with Wealthy Affiliate. 

  3. There you go, a great internet business. I always lived by the rule give a hungry person a fish or teach them how to fish. I prefer to teach them how to fish. This way they can feed themselves for the rest of their lives. Anyone who wants their own business would sign up for this today. Wow I can be taught to make my own profit producing website? That is great. I had always heard that was very difficult. Now through your website I now believe that I can make my own. Thanks for a well written website.

    1. Thanks John…. people have said to me that they thought creating websites would be beyond them because they don’t know much about technology. But the reality is that the WordPress templates that Wealthy Affiliate provide can be as technical or as easy as you want.  And the training is step by step, tutorials and videos, so cater for all types of learning. Great if we can teach everyone to fish. Too many people just want the fish (with fries to go). 

  4. Thanks for your article on affiliate marketing. I have had around 10 years of experience with affiliate marketing and really do think this is the best internet business opportunity. I hope your readers will take advantage of the free access to wealthy affiliate so they can see what it is all about. 

  5. I agree that affiliate marketing is the way forward, so many people shop online now more then they do on shops in town, Because its a lot easier and convent for them, so thats great for us with all the new affiliate Links around! I love the diagram, helps us understand it perfectly! 

    1. Hi there Jayde, thanks for your thoughts. Online shopping is growing year on year, but still only accounts for a small percentage of overall retail sales. So the opportunity for affiliate marketers to capitalise on this growing market is huge.

      cheers James

  6. Hello there,

    Creating an affiliate marketting online business is truly an amazing way to ditch a regular, boring 9 to 5 job (if You don’t like it of course, haha!) and start turning Your passion into creative and valuable content creation, sharing it with the world and helping people by offering them some kind of new knowledge while also earning great revenue! Developing Your own business is a very hard process and challenging task to complete, however it is always worth to remember that the most challenging things in life lead to the most fulfilling and rewarding outcomes! Thanks for the great article and keep up the great work 😉 

    1. Hello, thank you so much for your thoughts here. Working online is certainly the best ‘job’ i have ever had. It is challenging and rewarding. 

  7. You made a lot of good points in your article. I like how you said that anything is possible with the right career ethic. In my work experience, the only people that got ahead were the people who had the right ethic. Those were the daring, smart, and open-minded people. I watched people fail as well. They were lazy and close-minded.

    It’s true that Affiliate Marketing is a low cost business with minimal risk.  I used to work in the loan industry. It was hard for businesses to grow because they had to wait to get approved for loans. Plus, people would default on loan payments and take out risky loans that they would have a hard time paying back. Affiliate Marketing is definitely better than brick and mortar businesses.

    1. Hi Shira. I have also worked in the brokerage industry and found that the guys who do well have the strong work ethic and put the time in. But none of it is with out risk as well. Bricks and mortar business requires outlay and ongoing costs that need to be catered for consistently. Online business also has some risks but the affiliate marketing model with low annual costs can be very profitable. 

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