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To be successful online in today’s thriving online marketing arena you have to have the best tools at your disposal. Effective keyword research is a vital component of search engine optimisation (SEO). So what is the best keyword research tool that can help your content to rock?

The following review and information on the Jaaxy keyword research tool should set you straight. Touted as being the world’s most advanced keyword tool, Jaaxy is more of a complete keyword management system.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool

If you are wanting to be successful in online content marketing, getting hold of the best tools available to guide you with keyword selection.

What is the best keyword research tool?

In order to find the best-ranking keywords for your content so you can control the effectiveness of your SEO the Jaaxy research tool is essential. It helps you with the selection of best ranking keywords for your articles, blogs, picture text and domain names.

What is Jaaxy? This application lets you search and analyze keywords and see where they will rank within Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can view what keywords are ranking within the different search engines.

Try a  a Jaaxy review   search.

Jaaxy Keyword Management

You can do a lot more than just select keywords with Jaaxy. It helps you with tracking your keyword searches and allows you to store research history so you can build a list of quality keywords for future use.

Having saved history of your research reduces having to repeat your efforts with performing search tasks.

Checking your site ranking in the three major search engines is easy with the Site Rank feature. See how effective your keywords are performing in your articles and where they rank. You can track performance over a period of time to get a good snapshot on whether your ranking is going up or down.

The image below shows how you can track a keyword string and where is located within the search engines. This one is ranked on page 1 position 4 on the page within Google. So it is performing well in Google by not so well in Bing and Yahoo.

Jaaxy Research Tools

Get to know some of the cool features within Jaaxy to help you select keyword strings for your niche. More than a straight keyword search tool, Jaaxy provides unique platforms to help you really research your keywords.

Alphabet Soup

Finding awesome keywords is not always easy. But, by automating one of the most powerful techniques for researching, Jaaxy have made it simple. Build a keyword string and produce variations of the same keywords with Alphabet Soup. Adding variations through the alphabet can provide you with hundreds of fabulous keyword options to use.

Related Keywords and Brainstorm Feature

Jaaxy will provide you with a list of related keywords that can give you some variations on your current keyword search. This helps to expand your field of research.

Another awesome feature is the Brainstorm. This feature gives you all the latest CURRENT search trends on products and information. Brainstorm keeps you up to date and provides some key niche opportunities.

Analysing Your Search Results

Keyword search results highlight the searches per month that are being achieved for your keyword selection.

It shows the number of competitive sites that are using this keyword. Also shows the expected number of visitors expected on your site if you made it to page 1.

This is the sort of data that you need to make the best choices of keywords and phrases to maximise your SEO in your content. It gives you the vital heads up that you need in understanding your competition through the search engines.

Membership Options within Jaaxy

Jaaxy Research Platform

Niche Assessment and Research

Select viable niches through the results from any keyword search that you enter into the program. Make informed decisions about finding high-ranking, low competition keywords that you can use in your niche.

You can also use Jaaxy to help with your domain name selection for the niche you are working in. Jaaxy will show you instantly if the domain is available and what extension and variations of the domain you can use.

Affiliate Program

This is one of the other exciting parts of the Jaaxy platform. When you sign up with Jaaxy you will be provided with an affiliate link enabling you to earn money through sharing and inviting others to use the program.

Recently, the Wealthy Affiliate platform incorporated Jaaxy as their keyword search tool. This is now available to everyone who connects with the Wealthy Affiliate systems. Also, the free access to this system also provides you with a free access to Jaaxy.

When you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate you gain access to Jaaxy Lite. Then you can upgrade as needed within the WA program and have access to the Jaaxy affiliate program along with the WA affiliate program. So you can promote and earn from both programs.

My Final Thoughts on Jaaxy

I have used a couple of different keyword research tools before. When I first started out working online in my Affiliate Marketing business I took advantage of free access to as many tools as I could.

My first websites, many years ago now, were built using Microsoft products that I already had on my PC. So they were pretty basic. I did my keyword research using the Google search bar … looking for what people were looking for.  Today, I still use Google search bar but in conjunction with Jaaxy as my research management tool.

I now work my affiliate marketing business using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This was free when I started, but now I pay an annual subscription. I was introduced to Jaaxy through WA as a free tool to use.

Now, today I pay a subscription to a higher access level of Jaaxy as that suits my search requirements.

But, I have the ability to stop my subscription from time to time for a month or two as needed, if I am not requiring the extended services.  This makes it brilliant for newbies and developing businesses as you can pay for what you need as you need it.

So what is the best keyword research tool to use for both newbies and professionals?

The free access and flexibility of what I would consider the most powerful keyword research and management tool on the market definitely make Jaaxy the best option for all levels.

Two in One

Take a look around HERE and see for yourself.   Or better still, get a free log into the Wealthy Affiliate platform and try out both programs in one.

Thank you for reading my Jaaxy review. Please feel free to leave comments below or any questions you might have.

What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool – A Jaaxy Review

What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool – A Jaaxy Review

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