Learn Online Affiliate Marketing – Niches

learn online marketing - niches

Session 2

This article is the next session in the series of training is to help you learn online affiliate marketing – niches,  and is focused on how to find a niche market.

Maybe you can turn a hobby into a business or something you are really passionate about into a money making websites.

But even if you don’t have a passion you can still find niches that you can work with. 

Learn Online Affiliate Marketing – Niches

Looking for a niche seems to be the scariest thing that most people face when they start out in affiliate marketing. But this concept of looking for a niche should be easy and motivating for you and not scary. When you learn online affiliate marketing the first thing you need to concentrate on is finding your niche. 

But to start off – what is a niche?

A niche is a targeted section of a market. The market is people! So your niche is a targeted group of people.

So that choosing your niche does not become the scary thing that people talk of, when you look for your niche just think of something that is of interested to you, your passion or something that you are good at, a hobby or sport; something you enjoy doing.

It could be a problem that you have identified that you think people might want to know how to solve… if you have thought of it – there are bound to be others who are also looking for an answer.

Pretty much anything that you can think of has a niche – and the best niche is something you are interested in. How cool would it be if you knew how to turn a hobby into a business?

The thing is that you can generate an income online from absolutely any niche you can think of, and each day, billions of people are searching for things online – including your niche.

Pick something you enjoy

You need to enjoy what you are doing and feel some passion for your niche to make most out of this type of business. If you are enjoying yourself and it doesn’t just feel like just another day job, then you will be productive and your website will prosper.

I am passionate about teaching people how to make money online and to learn online affiliate marketing … this is one of my niches, and it is probably why you are still reading – because it shows (I hope). If I can make money online why not share it with other people (the learning bit that is, not the money – I work hard for that!).

Your niche could be anything, but the key to your niche selection is that it should be based around what you “like”. Something you enjoy. Something you can comfortably talk about and enjoy sharing. And also something you can learn about.

Put simply, a niche is basically a group of people looking for things. But when you find your niche, you don’t want it to be too broad. You’ll need to try to bring it down to a specific point.

Millions of people are looking for what you have

Remember that there are millions of people looking for things online, even for what seems to be in the most specific of niches.

So this session is covering how you should approach selecting your niche, how to not be too broad, and how to hone it down to a specific and targeted group of people.

Here is a couple of things that you should remember about niche websites:

  1.  You will be writing content within your niche
  2.  Communicate with people within your niche
  3.  You will need to choose some products to promote that relate to your niche
  4.  Your aim will be to help people within your niche, so it helps if you enjoy helping and sharing with people.
  5.  The first niche site that you produce will most likely not be your last (so don’t stress too much about it being absolutely spot on the first go)
  6. Whatever niche you choose has the ability to become a “full-time” successful business
  7. You will need to work at your niche site – it will not do the work for you!
  8. It is no such thing as the wrong niche. The only time it would not work is if you really have no idea about the niche – then you just have to go back to the beginning of the lesson and look at something that you know about or are interested in.

Be aware, also, that niches can always change. What you have chosen now does not mean you will be in this particular niche forever. Either way, try not to spend a week choosing your niche.

Do it Now

So spend 20-30 minutes to have a think about your niche ideas. And then you should have an idea about what niche you can choose.

Remember choosing your niche is not supposed to be scary. The best thing about doing an online business is that it should be fun and enjoyable. You don’t want it to be just another day job.

Ok so suppose you really don’t have any idea right now about what niche you want to do then maybe you would benefit from an Affiliate Bootcamp. This is dedicated to those that are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate or their own ‘making money’ type website.

learn online affiliate marketing

SESSION3: Next session will be on writing some content for your niche and selecting keywords to help it to get ranking.

Please feel free to leave me some comments if you would like any more information.



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