Niche Marketing Definition

What is a NICHE?

What Does ‘Niche’ Mean

When you talk about internet marketing, and in particular affiliate marketing, you hear the word niche expressed often.  As the niche marketing definition describes above, a niche is a specific area of concentration.

The describes  niche as:  (in a marketing context)

  1. a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing:

to find one’s niche in the business world.

  1. a distinct segment of a market.

What is Niche Marketing, you ask?

niche marketing definitionTo put it into affiliate marketing context, the niche marketing definition indicates that a niche would be the specific group of people that you would be targeting your website marketing toward.

A niche will generally be contained within a larger topic. Meaning, it will be a microcomponent of the topic.

So, Niche Marketing is targeting and marketing to a specific group of people.


For example – you have a topic on Pets, you might want to hone it down to Dogs, and then reduce it down further to Golden Retrievers, and even further to ‘how to train a Golden Retrieve’..  so the niche in this instance is the ‘how to train a Golden Retriever’.

This is a very specific area that you would be targeting and would be aimed directly at owners or potential owners of Golden Retriever gods (woops! … Freudian slip there) DOGS who specifically want to know how to train one.

In practice, what you want to try to achieve with your niche is to solve a problem for a group of people.

Why target a small group when I can target all the PET owners on the internet?   

Well, that is a great question. It would be great to be able to put up a website targeting all the pets that you can think of and have all that traffic coming to your website.

But the reality is that your website targeting such a broad market would probably not rank in the top 20+ pages on any search engine and would not make a cent.

However, by targeting a small group ( a niche ) and aiming your KEYWORDS  and  CONTENT at this target, your chances of obtaining a page 1 search engine result are far, far more likely.

Draw traffic to your niche through good content

What you cannot underestimate is the volume of people who would potentially be out there ( in the world) who would be searching for an answer that you can provide in your niche.

The Key to internet marketing is to create traffic through your website and to keep it coming back. This is where and when you will make money from your niche.

As more traffic (people) start to hit your website, and hopefully you have created some excellent CONTENT about your niche that will engage the traffic, the more opportunity for them to visit your affiliate links, reviews and recommendations where they now become customers.

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More articles on finding your niche can be found at the affiliategoto website.

I hope this is helpful to you. Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions or need some more information.

cheers James

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