What Is Online Content Marketing And What You Need To Know

what is online affiliate marketing

Online content marketing is a form of marketing where the author is able to write about subjects that are of interest to their readers and they can introduce the pros and cons of products or services.

This approach is more welcome because there is nobody pressuring you to buy the product.

It presents the customer with a sense of higher power and also makes them feel more in control of the sales process than if they were being influenced to buy through a salesperson.

Keep reading to learn more about content marketing and how it can help you.

A Better Approach

There are people in the marketing industry who can’t answer the question of what is online content marketing? There are plenty of people who just spam people’s email and social media pages.

This is usually ineffective and more often leads to the termination or blocking of the sender’s email.

Online content marketing is an indirect way to capture a particular group or person’s attention and quietly put the idea of your product in their head.


Blogging is a great example of online content promoting/marketing. A blog is a web page, that is normally free to access. The author can post content about pretty much whatever they want and enables them to introduce a product or service that they might have some knowledge about that relates to their blog.

A blog is a prime example of this type of marketing. If you can create relevant, interesting blog posts that can be turned into possible sales for your company or affiliate products.

Being able to funnel the highest amount of traffic toward your blog post will definitely help you to succeed in creating a profitable online business.

Turning Content Into Valuable Traffic

Being able to understand what content marketing is about is the first step in succeeding in the online marketing industry. This type of marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand in accomplishing goals in this industry.

After you have written the quality content, then next thing you need to learn how to do is search engine optimization. Basically what SEO does is driving the top volume of traffic your way.

It does this is by formatting your content and web page in a form that better search engines like Google recognizes them.

The better the content, keyword usage and your formatting, the better you will place on those search pages and hopefully converting your business’s sales.

Another way people take advantage of this type of marketing is by using social media to promote their business. Creating and uploading videos to sites like YouTube is a growing way to answer the question of what is content marketing.

Videos are another form of content that can be taken advantage of for the simple fact that there are millions and millions of people every day that use sites like these for various reasons.

Diversify Your Media to Maximize Traffic

The reason for creating as much content as you can and putting it on every platform you can manage (We suggest not using platforms you cannot manage properly until you understand them well)  is because not everybody is in one place.

I’m sure you can name one person who doesn’t use Facebook. You can probably even name a few people who don’t use Twitter. And even more, people who don’t use Google+.

Internet users tend to stick to the platform they like most. Twitter users tend to enjoy Twitter more than Facebook. V-loggers, or people who produce video logs for the large streaming audience, tent to prefer using YouTube as their favoured medium.

And if you put your content on every content platform you can manage, more people will find you. More importantly, they’ll discover your brand on the platform they enjoy most – a friendly environment

What Are the Keys to Content Marketing Success?

Here are the fundamentals of making online content marketing work.

1. Produce new content on a consistent basis.

2. Deliver relevant content that focuses on solving the problems of your prospects.

3. Present your content in a style that engages your visitors

4.Use an editorial calendar to create an efficient process for selecting and producing topics

5. Measure the influence of your content- does your market position improve each month?

6.Align your content marketing with your long-range business goals.

Even with a commitment to these fundamentals, the most important element of success with marketing content is adopting the right mindset. Realize that whichever business you are in today, you must also be in the publishing business. You are a media company. You must tell and promote your unique story to your target audience.


To compete today, relevant online marketing content is a must. To show up on Page One of the search engine rankings requires a commitment to creating content.

Compelling and engaging content draws and keeps targeted visitors to your site. Valuable, relevant, engaging content in the form of webinars, white papers, in-depth articles, and video tutorials that zeros in on solving the problems of your website visitors does the heavy lifting of converting them into qualified leads.

The most important aspect of online content marketing can educate your readers and provide them with value. As far as your content adds value to the reader (or viewer), you’ll do great.

So, just remember to create that original content and be active on the platforms you submit your content to. Every piece of information you add to the internet is one tiny asset. You never know who’ll stumble upon it one day and become a customer.

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