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Affiloblueprint 3 Review

I have been asked if I could provide some more reviews on some of the different affiliate marketing training programs. So this is my first Affiloblueprint 3 review and my first real overall analysis of content from the Affilorama site

Please note that my comments are really my own and I base my assessments on what I see upfront. I do not always proceed through to buying into a program in order to review it and this is the case here. Therefore, this review is based on what is being advertised and the information I have compiled

Product name: Affiloblueprint 3.0

Owner: Mark Ling

Price: $197

Overall score: 7 out of 10

Overall Impression: Good content and training. Upsells and no free startup is a spoiler


Forward to this review

One of my pet hates is having to pay for a program that I cannot get a free look at. My view is that web-based programs – whatever they may be – should provide a free initial access. As a consumer, I want to know what I am getting before I pay for it.

Money back guarantees are fine, but I would prefer not having to waste time chasing this up by actually knowing what I have in the first place.

Please note that whilst there is an affiliate program offered for this site, I am not linked in any way.

I am hoping that by the time you have read through my review you will have enough basic information to make informed choices.

So, here is my Affiliblueprint 3 review.

About Affilioblueprint

One thing that has stuck out for me, first impressions of the Affilioblueprint website is the simplicity and cleanness of the site. Basic, good imagery and diagrams make it easy to follow. Which I think helps to gloss over the detail of the program.

But there is so much information provided in the front page of the site, that it is easy to get lost in it. It goes on forever.

Anyway, back to the course.

Affiloblueprint 3.0 is an affiliate marketing “how to” that teaches you how to make money online.

Its target market appears to be people who are already doing online marketing or affiliate marketing. Suggesting it you have not been able to “make it” so far, then this training will put you on the right track.

They are very upfront with stating that you must be prepared to put in the effort to make things happen for yourself, or it is a waste of time. This is also a big tick from me because too many of the scam sites will tell you it is easy to make money online with little or no effort.

Affiloblueprint 3 Review

Affiloblueprint 3 Review

Course content includes the following steps. This is certainly a comprehensive list of topics that should cover what you need to learn about how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

In addition, Affilioblueprint includes a series of video-based instruction covering these topics.

Introduction and Mindset – Steps 1 – 12

  1.  Market Research and Keywords
  2.  Creating Content
  3.  Setting Up Your Website
  4.  Website Design
  5.  On Page SEO
  6.  Off-Page SEO
  7.  Inbound Marketing
  8.  Newsletters
  9.  Where to now? Tweaking Your Website
  10.  Introduction To Google PPC
  11.  Creating PPC Campaigns
  12.  Advanced PPC Techniques

Detailed Affiloblueprint 3 Review

Affiloblueprint 3.0 appears to provide a full suite of topics that would be required to learn about earning online through affiliate marketing.

This course content covers most, if not all, aspects of topics including keyword research, creating content, researching for niches and competition. They teach you how to find products to sell and promote, affiliate programs and competition.

Affiloblueprint is quite comprehensive with instruction on building websites, creating content for your website.

Important aspects of SEO are covered well along with marketing techniques and traffic generation through organic and PPC strategies.

Overall quality of training is considered to be quite good and if you are able to follow their blueprint steps and put in the effort you should see results.

Apparently, there are some complaints that the level of training is very basic and more aimed at beginner marketers, however, there are advanced techniques covered as well.

At the end of the day, without personal effort and applying the basic techniques you will not succeed with online marketing.

Support and Tools

Support is provided through a member’s private forum and also email support. They normally reply within 24 hours.

Forum support can be slow but you can also access links to previously answered questions.

Affiloblueprint includes AffiloTheme builder and hosting for one website for one year.

Affilotools is available for premium members only so you have to upgrade to access this.

Very helpful if you can afford it. This will cost you $67 per month. It’s optional but you probably need it.

Support and Tools


  • Initial Price is affordable ($197)
  • Hosting for one website (Affilotheme builder)
  • Free access to Affilorama premium (one month only)
  • Upgrading available
  • 60-day money back guarantee on all their product purchases
  • Training can be both watched online or downloaded to your PC
  • Support provided


  • You need to work for it to work
  • Cost of upgrades are expensive
  • No Initial Free log in and trial period
  • Materials update not known

Affiloblueprint 3 Review Conclusion

Affiloblueprint is a good and solid program that has been around for many years and has helped many people start making money online.

2 bonuses included

BONUS #1: You’ll also get my own website-building tool (normally $97)

BONUS #2: Plus a 1-month trial of my marketing tool suite (normally $67)


Other upsell products that are marketed with Affiloblueprint is the Affilojetpack. This will cost you $997.

Affilojetpack is a good addition for advanced affiliate marketers. It includes info from content to email swipes, all done for you. (Done for you – three words I am always wary of)

My #1 Recommendation

The Affiloblueprint product appears to have a reasonably good reputation, although there are negative reviews published.

But my recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, is a real deal ‘all in one’ platform that provides a complete university/college style education. It also includes website development tools with thousands of WordPress site themes to access.

Additionally, the Jaaxy Keyword research and management tool is also included along with their SiteContent writing tool for easy management of posts and articles.

Support and mentoring is the lifeblood of this program and available through a social forum, 24/7 technical assistance and a mentoring system of platform ambassadors

Wealthy Affiliate was developed around 12 years ago and is upgraded on a regular basis to ensure relevance and currency. Best of all, it has a free login and trail account with no time limits on it.

No credit card required to set this up. And then, when you decide to upgrade, there is one charge – monthly $49 or discounted annual charge – that covers all the products you will need to succeed online.


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