Empower Your Customers With Inbound Marketing Websites

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What is Inbound Marketing About?

what is inbound marketing aboutAnd how do you empower your clients by using  inbound marketing websites?

Wow, ok so what does all that mean?

To get the idea of what I am talking about here I’ll break this down into 4 stages.

Firstly … what is inbound marketing about?

Inbound marketing is a process of getting your business FOUND by the customer. What do you think would give you a better ROI – spending money on trying to get customers to buy your products, or, spend money on people who actually want to know more about your products and are willing buyers?

Inbound marketing is about creating cool informative videos that your customers look forward to seeing, rather than creating TV ads that interrupt their movies.

It is about creating a blog or newsletter that your customers want to read rather than buying traditional print media advertising that gets glossed over.

Rather than cold calling on prospects, inbound is about presenting engaging content that potential customers can read and use.

Secondly, it is about empowering your customers.

Giving them all the information that they need to make the right choices. And have them come to you rather than you pulling them in off the street.

conventional advertising Think about the last time you bought something. Did you just wander into a shop and look around and buy, or did you jump online and do a bit of research on the products you were after. Did you check out any reviews on the products?

My guess is that you probably did the later first, right?

This is what Inbound marketing is about. Empowering the customer so they are ready to make a buying decision.

Thirdly, What are Inbound marketing websites?

Ok, so I just made that name up. But what it actually relates to are niche marketing websites.

One of the most effective inbound marketing strategies is to target a focused marketing segment. That basically means targeting a group of people who need information about a specific product or service.

learn online marketing - nichesBy targeting a niche group, you are effectively finding and providing engaging content for people who have a need or an interest. Giving them exactly what they are looking for, you are empowering them to make a willing and informed buying decision.

Niche marketing does not need to be pushy, in your face, full on advertising. In fact, experience shows that this is detrimental to the decision-making process.

The quickest way to turn off a customer is to shove ads and products in their face. That is why there is a move away from traditional TV and print media advertising and a lean towards affiliate marketing and content marketing.

Niche marketing and inbound marketing is about informing, grooming, helping and encouraging you customers to do those reviews, do the research and make informed decisions.

Niche marketing and the inbound strategy is all about subtlety.

Put it all together in the fourth stage

So the fourth stage is where we put all this together in a neat little online website package.

It doesn’t matter if you are a big business, a local shop or service; or a blogger and online affiliate marketer. The inbound marketing method is where you need to be heading. And you need to have that online presence working for you.

Creating niche websites with good, engaging content ideas should be the path you are looking for to expand your market. Reaching out to your customers with trinkets of information that will encourage them to come to you.

Ensure your website is mobile friendly

social media marketing Around 60% of online searches are done via a mobile device. Part of the inbound marketing strategy is to make yourself visible to your customers.

Your clientele has become far more savvy these days and they want to be wooed, fed information and treated like a person.

If you are not doing it now, try empowering your customers with the information and detail that they might need to get them to come to you.

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8 thoughts on “Empower Your Customers With Inbound Marketing Websites”

  1. I was curious about what the term inbound marketing means but I already do it I guess! I have a successful website that brings customers in without me having to spend money on advertising. I’ve also made sure it’s mobile friendly like you mention.
    It’s so great having my own websites and building up my businesses!

    1. Hi Gabriela, Yes as affiliate marketers and website owners we are already employing the best marketing techniques, as you say. All the best


  2. Inbound marketing sounds an awful lot like education based marketing as coined by Chet Holmes!

    And I agree with both concepts. As they say, you can’t bring a horse to water.

    Your prospect must want to buy the product before he will!

    I believe that this is far more effective that the old “cold calling” method.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi there, thats exactly it … education based marketing. The old marketing techniques, like cold calling, are very hit and miss. Whereas engaging your customers and marketing to willing participants is a much better way to spend your advertising dollar.

  3. Hi James,

    Thanks for breaking this down and analyzing each part thoroughly. I have a better idea of the process now. I think more and more people are reading product reviews now before the buy.

    I am also involved with marketing but only recently. I think if we can follow these steps and provide customer satisfaction we are on the right road.

    Mobile-friendly websites are very important too I feel. I know I use my mobile probably more than my laptop so it’s crucial to maintain engagement with the reader.

    1. Yes, thanks for your comments Craig. Product reviews are a great way to empower you customers as it gives them knowledge and choice.

  4. Hey James. Here I am again. I told you I’d be following you. Even though I’m beginning to get an idea of how all of the works, I’m just overwhelmed with the scope of what you’ve put together here. There’s a term for it but I just can’t place it a this second. Maybe network will work here. Thanks for letting me use some of the material from your site. I am getting an education here. I probably wouldn’t have run across you if it wasn’t for WA; even though you are an IBO’er as well. Thanks WA and thank you James.

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