Top Website Builders Small Business Must Know About

website builders small business

What Website Builders Small Business Should Use

Which is the top website builders small business can benefit from the most?  There are a number of good website builders available on the market that small businesses could use to create their web presence.


Is it possible to create and manage a cheap professional website for the small office?


Well,  the short answer is, absolutely!  Too many small businesses are spending big money on website development.


It is not necessary these days as there is easy access to great template website builders small business can use. Free to build and low cost to maintain.

How To Build a Free Website



As you can see from the video above, building a website is as easy as a few simple steps.


But this does just give you the bones of your website. The next step will be adding content, details and pictures. That will create the guts of the site for you to build on and promote your business.


Fortunately, this part is also relatively easy.


In a small business environment being able to multi-task is a necessity.


Having managed my own small businesses before I know that you become just as well-versed in the art of good coffee making as you are in reading balance sheets!


Developing and managing your website is something that can, and should be attempted. It will significantly save you money and will also give you better flexibility with your website. You can add content, change details and picture, change themes as and when you need.


The Top Website Builders Small Business Can Use is The “Wealthy Affiliate” Program.

The first reason for this is that you are able to create, build on and manage your new site totally free to start up. The great thing about this is that you can work out if it is manageable for your office before committing to any costs.


website builders small business


Secondly, it is an opportunity to ‘skill up’ yourself or someone in the office to take care of the website. The Wealthy Affiliate platform contains an industry leading, comprehensive training and development program.


Essential Training and Development Program

This training is an easy to follow, step by step tutorial based program.  That will give you or your staff the knowledge and capacity to create your website and add effective, enticing content. You will also learn marketing strategies for your online business.


This can be easily managed by one person who can add some content. Content can include product promotions, reviews, trade info, newsletters, industry info .. you name it.


More on learning about content here.


Learn Online Affiliate Marketing

Effectively, you will be expanding your business into the online realm and opening up new markets.


No longer does your small business website need to be a COST centre for your business. You now have the capacity to earn money online through your website by promoting ‘in line’ products or services using affiliate marketing techniques.


This means that you can have some links to external companies and earn a commission for your business by selling other people’s products.


Now before you go getting all threatened by the thought of selling other products on your website, you need to remember that you are in control.


You pick and chose what companies you wish to affiliate with and what product or service you might market.


So, obviously, you don’t choose something that is in direct competition with your businesses product or service. You chose something complementary or value adding – that part is a no-brainer.


The ‘All-in-One’  Model

Additionally, it requires no real effort on your part as all the sales management part is done for you by the merchant. No stock holding, no customer contact, no money handling or follow up.


You just place a link on your website that your customers can click on if they are interested.


It’s all too easy. And you manage it all. 


If you get a web development company to build and manage your site for you, they will probably install these affiliate links into your website anyway, and enjoy the affiliate incomes from the links for themselves.


What Do You Get 

The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program offers a free starter membership account. This provides you with 2 Free websites for you to build and free hosting. You also get free start-up training and support.


These are the three core items that you want with any business start-up but also essential for a website program.


  • Website builder program
  • Training
  • Support


This is what makes it simple for you to build your own site and manage it effectively.


So, you have a free start up!  At this point, your website will have a Sub-Domain name as your website name.


Domain Names

This means your website address will be Http://


website builders small business

This is quite acceptable and you can even create, develop and manage your website entirely free with this name being hosted for your business.


You can even earn affiliate incomes at this point.


So technically, you can have a totally free website that can potentially earn an income at this point.


If you want a personalised website that gives a website site address and email hosting for you need to buy the domain name.


More on learning about domain names here.


The cost of a standard domain name is anything from $5 through to $15 per year. Some domain name companies include hosting, some don’t.


Wealthy affiliate is now able to sell personalised domain names as a registered domain name authority.  Their prices are the same as other sellers.


Benefits of Upgrading

At this point, if you are wanting to use your own domain name and continue with the further and advanced training, support and management tools you will need to upgrade to a premium membership.


website builders small business

The premium membership includes hosting for up to 50 websites.


So if you wanted to expand your website portfolio and target niche products within your business then this is a bonus for you.



Learn more about Niche Marketing here.


Another huge advantage of maintaining the membership account is that you have continued access to the website building and management tools plus premium design and technical support.


If you just had your website hosted with a hosting company you would need to learn how to manage your website design through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or other cumbersome links.


Let’s Talk Cost

The website builders small business have available will have a range of costs. My aim is to show you not only the best program but also the best priced – both start-up and ongoing.


Wealthy Affiliate premium membership has a subscription fee of $49 a month.


But for a business, I would recommend the annual discounted subscription of $359 (around 40% discount). If you plan to keep using a website this great one off annual cost (probably tax deductible as well as a business expense).


But remember – this will enable you to earn money from your site once you get it developed and manage it.


Any other costs? Well, no not really. That is up to you if you want to pay for advertising your site online or externally.


You Don’t Need to Spend Big on Marketing

There are some excellent online business marketing tools you can use and social sites. (Independent Business Owners) is a fabulous site for promoting your business online free of charge. IBO will promote your site advertising for you on their facebook page and other very powerful sites within their scope. 

What is IBOToolbox
Marketing tool for serious online marketers

Building a facebook, twitter and Google+ page for your business linking with your website is also great PR and advertising.


A bit on social media here.


Wrapping It Up

Quick summary on the top website builders small business need to align with.


  • Chose a free start up site
  • Make sure the platform is an “All-in-One” model
  • Support and assistance are essential for business sites.
  • Analyse the costs – annual fees provide great discounts
  • Training is essential for site administrator
  • Make sure your site has potential to earn – make it a profit centre, not a cost.
  • Utilise affiliate marketing in your website promotion strategies.


If you want to know more on how to get started today with your own profitable website leave a message below or contact me through my website.


About the author:   James is a full-time online marketing advisor and affiliate marketer. He owns and operates numerous niche marketing websites but his core business is helping individuals and small businesses to create their own websites and develop profitable online earning strategies. James has had 30 years of sales, marketing and business management experience.

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  1. Dear James,
    This is truly awesome reviews about how to generate additional income from the small business and your article seems give me more knowledge and idea in online marketing world. The wealthy affiliate is the best platform for the internet marketers to expand their knowledge regardless for the beginner or for the expert because in WA have a bunches of new idea and knowledge.Love this!

    1. Thanks Rendall, yes as you say, WA really is a fabulous platform for internet marketers and small business can take advantage of the cheap annual cost to promote their business. Cheapest advertising available – having your own website. cheers

  2. Hello James,

    Nice product here of Wealthy Affiliate. I really like that you can get 2 free websites to start and then up to 50 with a premium membership. I believe it is almost essential to own a website for your small business these days. With mostly everyone using the internet now, it can increase value and sales for my business. Plus customers will really appreciate finding my business on the web. Whether they need support or general questions like address and phone number.

    Thanks for the recommendation,

    1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for reading my article. I have been able to help some small business owners start their websites and they have been of huge value to them. Even though though they are not earning for them just yet they are helping their customers with info and reviews. thanks again and let me know if I can assist. James

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