What is Web Content Writing

what is web content writing

Web Content Writing

You hear a lot about content writing when you start out in an online business. Particularly if you are involved with affiliate marketing. Writing good content is what draws traffic to your website so it technically one of the most important things. Learning what is web content writing is one of your early tasks when you start out.

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So What is Web Content Writing to the Affiliate Marketer?

Good web content writing starts with selecting a viable keyword or keywords that you will use within your article or blog.


Keywords are essentially the words or string of words that a searcher would use. That is they would type this string of words into the search engine to get a result that resembles what they are looking for.


For the person learning what is web content writing, you need to know what your readers are looking for. There are some neat tools available that can be used for keyword research.


Learn to Use Good Keyword Tools 

The tools are very helpful in determining keywords that are searched a lot. They also help you find keywords that have low competition and high searches.


The best keyword tool that I use daily is the Jaaxy keyword research program. Definitely worth investing in this one if you are serious about web content writing. After the free trial, you are up for around $19 a month, but this is well worth it once the content starts earning money for you.


Another key thought about web content writing is the need for relevance. You have to make sure that what you are writing fits the topic and doesn’t ramble off track.


Don’t Vomit Words to Fill Space

I see a lot of writers vomit words on a page so they can fill up to a word count. But it looks scrappy and doesn’t entice the reader much at all.


Good content writing results in engaged and informed readers. That is your goal. Write for your readers and not for rankings. Search engine rankings will improve with engagement.


Be careful not to keyword stuff your articles. Again, you are writing to engage humans, your readers, so what you write must make sense and be enjoyable. Otherwise, your readers will skim your content or click off. What is web content writing? It is all about informing your reader with engaging and accurate information.


Anyway, this is a short but sweet article that I hope will get you typing. If you have a website of your own then content writing is what you will be doing each day to build authority in your niche.


What is Web Content Writing as a Professional?

If you want to be a professional writer, then make sure you learn the basics. I have used a lot of content writers from Fiverr (as an example)  who have quite a simple command of English. The good ones write simple sentences and don’t try to incorporate flashy words that don’t fit.


If you are interested in web content writing as a profession have a look at Fiverr and book yourself a gig. But if you are good at writing, then back yourself and start your own affiliate marketing website or blog and put your writing effort into developing this instead.


What is web content writing? It is all about having fun and enjoying the process. Don’t get stressed about deadlines or making things perfect. Just make sure your writing makes sense and is engaging.


Please leave any comments below and let me know what you think. Are you a content writer? What are your experiences?

6 thoughts on “What is Web Content Writing”

  1. Great article and you just reminded me the importance of creating an article that my readers want to read.

    It’s frustrating that I forget this. I don’t intend to forget about my readers but sometimes I get so caught up with wanting to increase my website ranking that I overlook what really matters, them! So, I am going to take your advice and write for engagement.

    1. Thanks for your comments.. I need to learn to take my own advice sometimes as well. We get caught in a trap of writing for ranking and forgetting that it is our readers who get us there. Lol !

  2. I would certainly agree with you about keeping your content simple and to the point without all the flashy words. Simplicity can go a long ways and for most people, I believe you’re better off keeping it simple.

    Just like your article addressing the issue of website content writing, simple and to the point, I like it.

    1. Thanks Travis, keeping it simple seems to be the go. I find I get a lot better response from people when they read articles that are to the point and easy to read. thanks for your comments.

      cheers James

  3. Hi James, I’m happy to see someone else happy with Jaaxy, I recently cancelled my Long Tail Pro subscription to go to the Jaaxy Pro version.

    I really like it, it’s easy to use and gives me great information to plan out my content writing schedule.

    I wonder what your take is with YouTube and video marketing as YouTube is ow the 2nd largest search engine after Google. Do you see a time when text content is replaced by video content? Interested to hear your take on it, many thanks.

    1. Hi Simon, Thanks for your message here.

      You have asked a really good question about video v text content. I personally think that video will at some stage overtake text, however, the way Youtube SEO works, you still need to provide excellent content in the video description so the Youtube bots can understand what the video is about. SO they go hand in hand. If you are doing video content you have to ensure your title and description is targeting your keywords and has quality content too. Hope that helps. cheers James

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