7 Ways To Avoid Scams Online

Avoid Scams Online

Scams Online Can Easily Be Avoided

These days there are opportunities galore available on the internet. And while this is great for people wanting to make money online it has also opened the door for an array of cheats and scammers preying on us in search of a better life. Here are 7 easy ways to avoid scams online that will help you to keep hold of your money so it can be better spent on the real McKoy. 

Remember these 7 Easy Ways to Avoid Scams Online

ways on how to avoid scams onlineHaving some foresight and being able to identify the signs of a scam or dodgy deal will help you to maintain your drive to succeed. There is nothing more draining and demoralising than investing in something that promises the world and delivers nothing.

Unfortunately, they are all too real and we have seen them in one form or another throughout our endeavours online.

I have signed up for numerous schemes in the past with the hope of making some extra money. But only to realise that I needed to keep pumping money into them in order to stay in the game.  With little or nothing to show I turned away from my searches online, disgruntled and disillusioned.

Many years later I came across some websites that helped me to learn more about online marketing. And my experiences of the past have made me a lot wiser and I have a better understanding of the ways to avoid scams online.

7 Common Signs to Look Out For With Online Opportunities

#1  No free trial or free start-up –  It is not necessarily right to expect to get everything for free online. After all, if you were to start up a new brick-and-mortar business it would cost you a lot. You would probably have to invest in stock and in some infrastructure, rent and maybe franchise fees etc.

However when it comes to online businesses you need to know what you are getting into first. The internet is a virtual world and unfortunately, there are too many ‘virtual’ opportunities.

So it is not unreasonable to expect, at the least, a free trial or free startup so you can see what is on offer before you spend any money. Be wary of the ‘opportunities’ that need your credit card details before you get in the door.

ways on how to avoid scams online

#2  Can’t find any contact details – this is a dead giveaway. When you find a website that is offering an online business make sure that you can contact them, for real.  If they have an email address, send something to the address and expect to get a response. Look to see if you are able to contact the owner/s.

If there is no contact information then walk away from it. Regardless of how fabulous it all sounds.

No contact information means there will be no support once you part with your money.

#3  Instant success and riches – We have all seen the ads for the get-rich-quick schemes. But why do we continue to read them? And why do we continue to check them out and invest in them? The answer is pretty simple

The answer is pretty simple. The ads feed on our desires and hopes. Our aspirations for something better for ourselves and our families. It’s not so much about greed, although that might play some part, it is mostly about us wanting to do something different and outside the ‘norm’ to get ahead, or to get out of the rat race.

Learn to smell the get-rich-quick schemes and steer clear. In most cases, if it looks and sounds too good to be true it probably is.

#4  Money upfront required – This is my biggest hate. Being asked to pay in advance before you get any indication of what the program is about. Information needs to be bought from these types of schemes, making them incredibly risky.

ways on how to avoid scams online

#5 Over-the-top videos and claims – You have probably seen these ones, the landing page that takes you directly to a video that has a very good-looking man or woman, who usually own the company or is introducing their new formula. They are always very well-spoken and their performance is very polished. This is usually because they are paid actors, not owners or entrepreneurs, even.

Information is hidden behind talk and more talk. They encourage you to watch the video through to the end or you will miss out on the best bit of information that you need to succeed.

And the best bit of information always starts with you handing over your credit card details to get the latest and greatest information. Bollox to that!

If you come across these videos – usually found in unsolicited emails – then give them the treatment they deserve, and bin them. avoid being taken in by the hype and outrageous claims.

#6  I like to call this one the “shiny objects” sales technique – This is where you have ads for fabulous new money-making programs that will get you into that shiny Ferrari parked outside the 10-bedroom mansion in the Bahamas. Wow, seriously!

ways on how to avoid scams online You see it a lot with MLM businesses – they call it dream building.

But what it really does is get you to open your wallet so you can hand over $50, $100, or $250 to get into the great new fabulous money-making program that will guarantee to make you #25,000 in your first month, so you can get that Ferrari in no time.

These really should just be called lotteries. Because that is really what they are. The guarantees all come with caveats where you need to follow this and that or pay this to that person etc and if you

Because that is really what they are, lotteries. The guarantees all come with caveats where you need to follow this and that or pay this to that person etc.  And if you don’t then this is obviously why you couldn’t make the guaranteed income. It’s really all your own fault for not following their instructions.

#7  No Actual Product – Commonly known as pyramid schemes, these can be found online from time to time. They require you to sell concepts to your down-line of followers who pay you money then you pay your up-lines … man, it’s all too scary.

Leave them alone!

Avoid Scams Online

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you about ways to avoid scams online is to research. Do your due diligence as you would with any other money-making opportunity.  Look for tried and tested programs and ones that are easy to start up, low cost and provide support and training.

Affiliate marketing is fast becoming the number one business online as it is the easiest to get into and has massive potential for earnings. It is something that can be started by beginners and seasoned online professionals alike.

It is inexpensive to start. In fact, it is possible to start up and begin earning without paying anything upfront.

Affiliate marketing is conducted online through niche/information websites. As a website owner, you develop an affiliate relationship with merchants, where you agree to advertise and promote their products and services in return for a commission on sales.

Read a review on my #1 recommended online business. Plus you can learn more about affiliate marketing Here.

Let Us Know

Please, let me connect with you here. If you have any thoughts or experiences that you have had with online scams, let us know in the comments below and I would be happy to follow them up with an online review.

Maybe you have some suggestions about ways to avoid scams online that you can share with us.

Also, if you have any questions about what I have said above, let me know.  I am happy to answer any questions about the opportunities that I have suggested with affiliate marketing as well.

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Avoid Scams Online”

  1. Really Great Info! Thanks 🙂

    It’s incredible the amount of ‘opportunities’ out there… definitely due diligence, follow your gut & heart and look out for testimonials ey… but even some cases that its tricky – we’ve got to a point where its even hard to tell if the testimonials are real or fake !

    there are so many marketing systems and cults going around out there so over-produced & over-hyped.. loosing the human touch.. but the funny thing is that ‘people must keep buying all this crap on the internet!’ because they just keep producing all this non-sense… making crap a better crap yet same crap lol… for instance there’s a ‘new rev-share site’ coming out every day, with the same script as thousands others.. i kinda get it but i don’t.. ..i reckon some people might just love getting scammed ey! lol. dunno…

    I also think in some cases the only way to know if something is real is by giving it a shot… ….tho what works for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work for me and so on… guess we never know until we try… but yeah,

    sometimes it’s just obvious in your face it’s all a cheap scam. or that it’s simply not for you ? –

    Yet, I don’t understand why some people invest so much energy in creating mediocre scam systems instead of uniting with something bigger that’s already out there working pushing the boundaries ahead of the curve ? Together Everyone Achieves More. Tho it’s healthy to have diversity. Its valuable to have scams out there so we can appreciate the ‘real legit’ ones…

    there’s no shadow without light… there’s no sun that cast no shadow…

    and… im out 😀 Cheers!

    1. Hey Eric, I totally agree with you…. there is so much rubbish around and people keep taking it in. It goes to show that there is a need – a demand, for something legitimate. People are searching for a better lifestyle and better work / life balance. Affiliate marketing will help create that without the hype and cost of the scams.
      I have seen the scams myself and, yes, it has made me appreciate the legit opportunities so much greater. cheers James

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