ICANGet2 Review – Mobile Apps for Business Owners

ICANGet2 Review

ICANGet2 Review


SmartPhone marketing apps


The details.

Name of Business:  ICANGet2

Product:  The ‘Silent Salesman’ Mobile Marketing App.  Customisable to your business requirements so you can promote what you wish.

Cost:    As an affiliate only (no app, just reseller) – Free

               As an active user and reseller – $US 14.95 per month

Ownership:  CEO Mike Glaspie (aka Mike G)

The Business Opportunity:    a 2 x 14 forced matrix that can produce a significant monthly residual income from a commission on sales. 



Click Here to Find Out More about ICANGet2!


Some Background Infomation


ICANGet2 ReviewMike Glaspie is a pretty well known and successful internet entrepreneur. As part of my ICANGet2 Review prep, I have done some research on Mike G.


He certainly does have his critics but also his followers. He runs a lot of web programs and some have come under scrutiny for lack of support and billing issues.


However, so far, my experience with the ICANGet2 program has been all good.


I have had very fast answers to support questions and receive correspondence for training and phone hook up chat info sessions.


The marketing materials and training guides all look pretty professional (but yes, as a professional internet marketer, I also know how to get this stuff done cheaply if I wanted to).


What You Get


The app program was easy to download and starts up immediately with a template for selling the Silent Salesman mobile phone marketing app. 


Basically, you can customise this template to suit your business. This is all done from a web based back office program.


This allows you to customise with your own pictures, content, contact information and whatever detail you want to add. When you change the template it goes live on your mobile phone and to anyone who has downloaded your app.


You can change the app content whenever you want. Actually, you can change the app to suit a totally different business if you wanted to. So technically, if you had two businesses you could advertise then both on and off to customers who already have the app downloaded on their mobile devices.


You are given a URL with your affiliate link to advertise the business opportunity online. The URL goes to a simple but informative website.  You can log into your app back office from this website. 


What Brought Me To See This Opportunity?


starting up a new businessI was looking for cheap access to smartphone application technology that can be used to promote businesses. In particular, the opportunities I was looking for needed to be easy to administer, easy to set up – preferably template design, and affordable / value for money.  


Getting into the mobile app market by developing your own app from scratch can be a very costly exercise and out of reach for the average small business owner.


With the massive expansion of mobile app usage predicted over the coming years, many small businesses who have already been able to set up their own websites are now looking towards the future, and the ‘Right Now”, to advertise their businesses and services.


Mobile Apps for Business Owners


Having a web presence is such a huge benefit and a virtual necessity for today’s small business owner (see this article on how to create a website for small business).


In the same way, small businesses need to explore mobile device technology to keep ahead of the game.


Many websites that have been created over recent years are NOT smartphone or mobile device friendly. As a website owner, you need to ensure that your website is mobile ready and accessible to mobile users.


Why Do You Need a Mobile App ?


what about starting an online businessWe know that Google has made it clear that website publishers need to ensure their sites are mobile friendly.


And the recent Google Penguin 4 update (Sept 2016) indicates that if websites don’t adhere to the ‘mobile ready’ requirement they will face possible ranking consequences.


A smartphone application can be an extension of your website. But in addition, you can create a much more personal and loyal experience for your customers.


Engage your customers by encouraging downloads of your business’s smartphone app and to accept SMS notifications on specials and events happening at your business.


Who Can Use a Mobile App ?


What is Affiliate marketing aboutThe opportunity now for small businesses, such as a local plumbing service, a dentist, a restaurant, corner supermarket, etc to access cost effective mobile marketing is here through the ICANGet2 service.


Now, as a marketing service, paying $14.95 per month is no big deal. It would probably be the cheapest marketing you can get. But the best thing is that it is direct and targeted marketing.


Imagine. Instead of a loyalty card, get your customers to download your app and send them “specials” notifications that apply to the app only.  


Inbound sales and marketing are now the direction businesses are going.


Gone are the days of chasing customers and cold calling. Websites and Smartphone apps enable your customers to come to you. They connect with you.  


The ICANGet2 Business Opportunity


Mobile app developmentNow, going back to the ICANGet2 smartphone app and business opportunity. 


As I mentioned earlier, the cost for accessing your own personalised mobile marketing app and being able to send unlimited SMS messages to your customers is just $14.95 per month.


However, there is a business opportunity attached to this as well.


The affiliate side of the business enables you to earn a commission when you get another person or business to sign up to use the app.


Note that this app can be used in any country. However, the in-house texting application is only available in the US and Canada at this stage. All other functionality is available.  I run my app through my business in Australia.


The Compensation Plan – What is a 2 x 14 Forced Matrix ?


The compensation plan is based on a common Multi Level Marketing concept of a 2 x 14 forced matrix.


Blah blah blah .. so what does all that mean?


Ok… so what I understand this to mean is that, as a distributor, you aim to get two people signed up (ie. Two sales of the SILENT SALESMAN™ APP).


This creates a matrix position.


So then, any additional signings will go down under the 2 you have signed up, and so on and so on until you fill 14 levels. 


mobile marketing appsYour income increases further if you sign up 2 people who also fill 14 levels.


You are effectively helping your ‘downline’ generate their own downline. In the same way, your “upline” are doing the same for you.


That is the power of a forced matrix concept.


If you want to learn more about creating a mobile app for your business or how you can create a business out of marketing this mobile app program, click here for more information.




I found the Silent Salesman app and the ICANGet2 business opportunity whilst looking for new ways to create mobile phone apps at affordable prices for small businesses.


I had not set out to get involved in this business initially, but intrigue got the better of me so I have signed up for the monthly plan. So I have an interest in this program.


What I intend to do is marketing the app and business opportunities as best as I can and will update you all as time goes on. So remember to check back on the website every now and then to see how I am going.


Please note that I have also invested in other smartphone applications. This is because I understand that this is a high growth industry and I want to be part of this development.


However, this particular opportunity is the cheapest I have invested in so far (by a long shot) but seems to have a bigger practical application and potential. 


Even solely used as a business app, it is a winner.


App development is a very expensive exercise (as I know from personal experience). Just as template websites revolutionised the website development industry and brought prices down significantly, so too has the Silent Salesman App template.


I have also deliberately not stated the incomes that the ICANGet2 program mentions on their website.  You will read it yourself once you check it out.


Go to  —->   http://icanget2.com/index.php?r=niusavi


What I Think – Summary

mobile friendly applications Being interested in smartphone applications my first impressions were that of excitement and intrigue.  


I have seen how much it costs for people to create, or get created, a mobile phone application. But this is a template that can be simply adjusted to suit your own business.


Now, marketing costs are also not cheap for a small business – simply because of their economies of scale (or lack thereof).


Newspaper ads can cost hundred to thousands of dollars. And this is shotgun marketing – hit and miss.  


Nearly everyone one has a smartphone or some type of mobile device, like an iPad or tablet.  So why not capitalise on this and target the people directly. If they come into your business, get them to download your smartphone app then keep in contact with them directly. Advertise your app on social media and encourage people to download your app and use it as a loyality system.  


As a business opportunity, I personally think this program looks great. The commission structure is good and seems relatively easy to acheive. But time will tell.  There are some negative reviews on this program but also good ones. I am willing to give this one a go as I think it is on the right track.


I am a full time online and smartphone marketing business owner. If you would like me to help you set up an online business click above and create a free account and we can start from there.



12 thoughts on “ICANGet2 Review – Mobile Apps for Business Owners”

  1. Upon reading your article, I just realized that I have to work on my website to optimize it for mobiles. Not only that, I got more curious to the concept of mobile marketing, as well as this ICANGet2 product (I find it hard to spell out lol). I might actually get interested in this venture, but I would like to try it out for free first.

    1. Hi Dominic, thanks heaps for your input on this article. It is pretty important that websites are optimised for mobile devices – not only for ranking with the search engines but mainly for your customers experience. I stumbled upon the ICANGet2 (yep I have trouble spelling it too ! ) marketing app. I have a lot of interest in mobile marketing and I know it is the direction that telecommunications marketing is going. YOu can sign up Free as an affiliate and earn an income from sales. You can download the app for free (the links are in the article). Use the code NIUSAVI when prompted for a “short code” .

  2. Hi James,

    This is a good blog post, I have never heard of ICANGet2 so, interesting to know that I can create my own mobile app using already set templates. I particularly liked the way the post is broken down into small paragraphs and the relevant images used.

    To Your Success!


    1. HI Antilena, Yeah I had not heard of it either until recently. I was pretty curious about how it worked as well so I did pay for a subscription. I am very interested in the affiliate side of things, but as a business app it rocks. It is a very cheap marketing option for a small business. So, because I know a few people in small business I am talking to them about trying it out.

  3. wow this is so amazing it has been for a while that i have been wanted to create and download this app but it has been failing since i was using the wrong tactics until now that i have found the information and i am still planning to download it again and enjoy it

    i think i will be guilty if i happen not to appreciate you for providing me with such information


    1. Hey Jose, No problems mate . I appreciate your comments and hope you have a go at it. Im sure you will find it a great marketing tool to use and a great income opportunity too. To your success !

  4. Hey, Jamie

    First things first, I really want to congratulate you on your review. You made things clear. Although the ICANGet2 is a MultiLevelMarketing Company, I think that it has some good potential.

    I have one question, though. Since I am not living in the US continent, and I cannot use the SMS application, what am I missing? Is it that important?

    Wishing the best! Thank you for sharing good information!

    1. HI John, You are correct it is an MLM type of model. But it doesn’t present itself in that way so much. I am not a fan of MLMs at all, so I am eager to see how this plays out. As you say, its the product that I like and there certainly seems to be a potential for good earnings. It doesn’t seem to require or encourage the same sort of hand holding and intrusiveness that ‘traditional’ mlms require.

      In regards to the second part of your question. I emailed the company about this myself as I am also outside of the US. it does not appear to impact the use of the app to any major extent.

      I will find this email response that I got from them and post it so you can see what they say. Hope that helps a little.


  5. A fascinating idea. Have I got this right? You can use this app as a template to create a mobile app to support your business. (Like WP themes in website building?)
    This app can be offered as a download on websites or social media?
    Then, also, the ICANGet2 principle can also be marketted, earning commissions and over-riders?
    The free app could be, for example, a step by step guide to building a website, how to make a pefect cup of coffee or whatever.
    Everyone seems to be using mobiles and tablets to access the internet now, so this could be really big. Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. Hi there, yes you got it right. In fact, you probably but it all better than I have ! This is the reason I have connected with it because I think it could be something big. The fact alone that it is a product that businesses can adapt to their business profile and use to promote products, services etc is huge. But as you point out, the money making side of it is also a significant opportunity as well.

  6. This is a very interesting sounding business, and to your point mobile and apps are the way of the future. I believe I read somewhere recently that we are now up to over 40% of all web browsing being done on mobile devices. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually much higher than that. This opportunity definitely sounds like a way to get in on that for the average person, and at a very good price.

    You touch on this in your article, but as far as customization around a user’s own business, do you find the customization features are robust enough to give users the ability to create their own unique experience for their customers?


    1. Hi Robert, It is quite new to me at the moment as well but I have had a muck around with the template and it is quite customisable. The app has pages, just like a website and the content can be be changed to suit any business – making it completely unique to the individual business.

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