How to Supplement a Retirement Income

how to supplement a retirement income

If you are anything like the majority of people on the verge of finishing up work you might be wondering if you have enough money to retire on. The reality is that very few people really end up retiring with the money they want or need. I would like to share with you an option for how to supplement a retirement income. It is an option that many have taken up and have been able to generate extra cash, and even replace incomes.

An Online Opportunity

Not only is this solution an opportunity for you to earn additional money, but it has a couple of great side benefits. One is that you can focus the activities around something that you are or were good at. Or maybe a passion of yours. This keeps you actively involved both physically and mentally in something that you enjoy doing.

Travel Blog affiliate goto The opportunity that I want to share is a business that you can do online from your home. Actually, you can do it anywhere that you have an internet access. So if you are planning to do the “Grey Nomad” adventure in a caravan or on a boat, this will suit you too. Travel blogging is something that is a growing industry and the opportunities are huge in this niche.

Affiliate Marketing Works

But I am mainly referring to online affiliate marketing. Blogging is just an element that can be incorporated in the affiliate marketing process.

So you don’t get freaked out and run away before reading further, I’ll let you in on a few facts. Firstly, affiliate marketing is a genuine and legitimate form of marketing that big and small businesses are embracing. Secondly, it has nothing to do with network marketing or MLM’s. So it is not one of those things where you have to accost your friends and family and recruit people to earn money.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Learning about affiliate marketing can be done by anyone of any age and any background. I can help you through the steps of finding a niche and creating a website. It’s easily done with quality WordPress website templates and a user-friendly backend to maintain and build your site.

The process itself revolves around you providing information about a niche so people can make informed buying decisions. Your readers can be directed to buy products through affiliate links on your website and in your content. You earn a commission on sales.

The platform that I am suggesting for you to try is called Wealthy Affiliate. The great news is that it will NOT cost you anything to set up a ‘starter account‘. You don’t need to plug in credit card details or sign your life away. So you can log in and have a look and see if it is something you can do. If you think it will work for you then you can subscribe without any lock-in contracts so you can stop anytime.

what is affiliate marketing

What Sort of Work is Involved?

But I will warn you that is not a ‘done for you’ or ‘get-rich-quick’ program. To really make it work you need to work at it and create content for your website about your niche. Don’t get caught by the glittery scams and promises of fast cash.

So, let’s say you are a passionate fisherman. You can create a niche website about fishing lures, as an example. So you will need to create content around different types of lures available, what works, what doesn’t. How to use them. Who uses them and what for? Get the idea?

You could do the same for a knitting niche, or golf or family and health. The options are endless.

The content that you create can be written information about experiences, reviews, product use, what to buy, how to, etc. You can even create videos and put them on YouTube and on your website. And you can learn all about how to do this within the Wealthy Affiliate training. It is known as the WA University because the leaning content is very high quality, up to date and relevant for today s market. It encompasses all elements of running an online business and becoming successful.

Learn How to Supplement your Income

But you can assess that for yourself. The main point is that the training will teach you how to supplement a retirement income or even earn a significant income if you work at it and stick with the training.

It has been said that only about 2 per cent of the population will retire wealthy and fully self-sufficient. A larger percentage will have enough to be comfortable and the majority will need to rely on social welfare to survive. It’s not a real pretty picture but one that you have an opportunity to change. Regardless of what stage in your working life or retirement you might be. Ultimately we want to be able to become self-funded retirees. Creating a residual income to supplement a retirement income from superannuation or a pension will be the aim.

Affiliate marketing training

Who Can Do This?

So if you want to know how to supplement a retirement income, something that you can start now and build up, then you are reading the right article. Affiliate marketing is a low cost and risk-free option that can be done by anyone.

If you are not good at writing or don’t know about creating videos, then you can learn methods to help you. You don’t have to be technically minded. There are no barriers.

A gentleman who started doing affiliate marketing recently, in his 80s, is now generating an income from his website – you can read about his progress here. He is very inspiring and being able to do what he loves is a huge motivation for him.

To get started you just need to take the step forward and set up a free starter account.

When you have set up you can check out what it is all about. I would also be happy to connect with you once you are in and walk through the basics with you.

James is a dedicated online and smartphone marketing business owner. If you would like him to help you set up an online business click above and create a free account and he can walk through set up with you there.

4 thoughts on “How to Supplement a Retirement Income”

  1. Affiliate marketing might be one of the long term businesses that works. I started in September and so far I am happy with it. You’ll have to be committed and passionate about what you write, you will have to write in manner that helps people. That’s the secret. Thanks for the tips James 🙂

    1. Hi Stefania thanks for your comments. Yes this is not a get rich quick scheme, but consistent input with a genuine interest in helping your readers will lead to success.

  2. It is good to see retirees and potential retirees find a source of income they can generate from home. Ideally, they start off with and establish a side hustle before they leave the workforce. Regardless, they have lots to offer in the form of experiences and skill sets in areas in which they are passionate. 

    Even if retirees do not need additional income, an online business provides an activity in which they can excel. And they do not have to leave the house to do! 

    1. Giday Glen. Thanks for dropping in your thoughts on supplementing retirement income. Yes this is definitely something anyone can get into regardless of their background or age. 

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