How to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

How to stay motivated when working from home

The idea of working from home entices everyone, but in reality, it isn’t as easy as most people think. It is true that you will reap some benefits such as more flexibility over your time, no commuting to and from work daily, no annoying workers and no boss standing over you for the whole day.

Working from home jobs, however, have their own tricks, and, above all, you need to stay motivated. Here are a few tips on how to stay motivated when working from home.

Define your workspace

Motivation starts with how your workspace looks like. It’s important that you set it up strictly for working. Think of it as having a bedroom where you sleep, parking where you park your car or even the kitchen where you prepare your food.

Have you tried working from the kitchen, or the bedroom? Chances are, you got everything messed up.

You, therefore, need a space where you will give maximum focus on your work. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate office, but something close to that won’t do any harm. A comfortable chair and a simple desk will help you stay organized and on task.

This way, you will have a better focus and will be efficient in delivering your work while at home.

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Create a schedule

Being your own boss means you have no worries about the time you wake up or set the alarm daily to wake you up. You don’t need an attendance management system because you make your own rules. Even though you have the powers to set your own hours, you also have the responsibly to complete your day’s task on time.

It is therefore important that you create a schedule for your day’s work. After you’ve created a plan, stick to it. It can be easy to be distracted while at home than when in your workplace. You need to set deadlines to work towards your goals to stay productive through disturbances.

Take breaks

The passion for expanding your business might push you to work extra hard. But you might end up exhausted by the amount of effort you put in. Overloading yourself could put too much pressure on you and eventually fail to deliver. To prevent this, schedule breaks throughout the day.

It is healthy to sideline your business activities to take care of yourself occasionally. You could, for instance, take tea breaks, lunch breaks, and a few minutes to catch up with friends and family. You will find out that you work more efficiently with several breaks during the day.

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Get the right gear

Depending on the job you plan to do from home, you need specific tools to best complete the work. Every organization has its unique needs when choosing the right tool for the job.

However, some common tools you could start with when working from home includes

— Cell phone

— Computer

— Planner

— Supplies and equipment to perform services or make products

— Comfortable chair (you might be sitting for a while – there is nothing more demotivating than an uncomfortable chair)

Whether you need these tools to communicate with customers, to create a product or to stay organized, you need to look for the ideal tools to suit your needs.

You may need to do some research on the best tools before buying them.

Set boundaries

It can be more challenging to set limits while working from home than it is when in the office. It is, however, essential that you set boundaries since lack of it is an enemy of productivity.

Setting boundaries help you evade destructions that encourage procrastination.   Some distractions come in the form of a friend popping up for coffee, or a partner asking you to assist with home chores. Be clear with friends and family that you are actually working and that you would contact them once you are out of the office.

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Minimize digital distractions

Social media and emails are the major sources of destructions and a challenge when working from home. It might be quite hard to get rid of them but at least turn their notifications off. Logoff from these sites to avoid regularly checking on them.

When you are working on something challenging or feeling demotivated, you might be tempted to log in again to these sites.

Get apps like Freedom and StayFocused. They help block the sites you tend to visit every time and procrastinating during the day.


Working from home isn’t easy. You get to face a lot of challenges that make you push your work a little longer. You, however, need to manage your time, and by doing so, you need to stay motivated. The above ways on how to stay motivated when working from home will help you out in getting things done.


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