5 Simple Time Management Hacks for Entrepreneurs

simple time management

When you are building a business time seems to get away from you. Knowing, or remembering, some simple time management techniques will help to put life in perspective. The following 5 simple hacks can help to manage your time well.

Prioritise Make a List.

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Good managers know what they are going to do. Creating a list is the simplest of all the time management tips that you can use. It can be as easy as sitting down in the morning or evening and plotting down what you want to achieve today or tomorrow

Identify things that will create money for you and the things that won’t. Cut your list into two parts. Then arrange your list into the money making tasks and non-money making tasks. They might cross over – there might be some activities that are needed to be done in order to make money –  stick them in the money-making list.

Do the Stuff You Don’t Like First

Good time management The hard stuff, the difficult call, the hard conversation, the washing up. If you learn to knock the hard activities, or the ones you dislike doing the most, first, then you will smash all the rest out of the park.

Good business managers, CEOs, directors, learn to take on the hard work front on and get them out of the way. The longer the difficult tasks linger the more they fester and grow.

Procrastination is the killer of time.

Create Specific Times for Emails and Online Communications.

If you have a bunch of emails to write, batch them together and send them all at once during your ‘online time’.  So much time is wasted by once productive humans by spending excessive time waiting for emails. There is no need to sit and wait for emails to come in. Assign specific times to check your emails and view social media.

Make Time for Breaks

How many times have you worked through lunch without realising it? You jump on the computer at 8.30 in the morning and before you know it the clock has hit ‘gin and tonic’ time. Taking a break gives you time to clear your head and allows your mind a moment to rest. You will be more productive with your time. Things will still get done in time.

Set Standards.

Goal setting for better time managementThis does not have to be complicated. You probably already have a business plan in place and in that you will have some long and short-term goals. Standards can be your goals or they can be separate items.

These are not just things that you want to achieve but more so, things that cannot be compromised. These items are not negotiable in the process of building your business.

For example, your contribution to the environment by not using plastic bags in your business. It could be your limit on spending time on Facetime. Standards are just the things that you will not move on.

Goals are flexible, standards are fixed. If they are clear to you, they will be clear to everyone and no time gets wasted discussing them. A simple time management technique to streamline your processes and procedures.

You probably already know these things. But sometimes we forget to do the basics, the simple things when we are under pressure or absorbed in our work. I hope this helps you to manage your time.

Please let me know what are your special hacks for time management. The more we share the better we can all do.

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