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How to Start Internet Business in 2016

It is a fact that the majority of online businesses, just like traditional bricks and mortar businesses, will end up on the back burner and not flourish.  You might notice I did not use the other ‘F’ word here – because I don’t like to use the word failure.  But it is all part of the process when learning how to start internet business in 2016.


how to start internet businessWhat tends to happen with online businesses is that they don’t actually fail as such. Well not straight up anyway. But they don’t flourish and they don’t make money.

But they don’t flourish and they don’t make money.


Is Your Business Like a Dying Insect?


They don’t fail because people tend to hang on to them. They poke and prod at them like they are a dying insect hoping that they will spring to life and miraculously start generating traffic and earning money.


It is this desire to hold on that stops a business from flourishing.  Sounds around the wrong way, but that is actually what happens.


We start out with an idea and we love it. It’s going to work and we will build a beaut website that will attract huge traffic and we will make a fortune. We fall in love with our idea before we have tested it and tried it.


And what happens when it doesn’t work, there is no traffic coming to the website, and no one reads our posts?  Rather than let it go and try something else, we hang on for dear life until we are exhausted and give up the whole business in disgust.


So often I have seen people give up on their dream of earning money online from a home business. But when I see their website it is generally evident where they have gone wrong.  You can tell that they have loved their idea but either have just not understood how to market it or not tested it to see if it has audience acceptance.


If it is lacking customer feedback, then it tends to indicate that it is not being read.


Embrace these Top Mindset Traits When Learning How to Start Internet Business


how to start internet businessOne of the key factors that distinguish a successful entrepreneur is their ability to adapt to change.  In this instance, the change is moving on and trying something else.  A good entrepreneur will get an idea, just as we had, and then test it.


They will do some market research, ask their friends, work colleges, an audience, people around them. Is there is a need for their idea?  Is there a solution to their idea and is there a want for their idea?


So they Test small – Test Fast


If it looks like a goer, they will set it up and try it, without spending too much on it, but they give it their all to start off. If it looks like it is going to work, they will keep it up. If it looks like it will not flourish, then they will stop and try another angle or another idea totally.


They fail small – fail fast.


The most exciting thing about business on the internet is that the risks are tiny compared to a conventional business.


I can start an affiliate marketing business website, today, that can potentially generate 10’s of thousands or more per year for less than $400.


I’d bet that you can’t do that in a conventional business. Probably not even close.


To a successful entrepreneur, failure is not an issue – it is just part of the process. And if you have a fear of failure – and hang on and hang on to those non-flourishing ideas – then you will get held back.


These are just some of the mindset traits that I have picked up from listening to a few of the world’s most successful internet marketing entrepreneurs. These guys all have different methods of generating income from their individual online businesses but they all say the same thing.


“Fear of failure can hold you back. You have to be prepared to try something and move on if it doesn’t work”


The key is in minimising your risk by testing and evaluating your ideas before you fall in love with them. Once they start making you money, then you can fall in love with them. Then, you go out and duplicate that same process. You don’t stop with the one idea.


Why Internet Gurus Love the Affiliate Marketing Model.


Another thing that they all believe is that online marketing, and ‘Affiliate Marketing’ in particular, is the way of the future for internet entrepreneurs.


With over 2.5 billion people online in the world today and the massive uptake of online shopping in the retail sector the potential is phenomenal.


How to start internet business


The key elements of Affiliate Marketing that make it so desirable as an online start-up is its low cost and low risk.  The process is easy to follow and it can be very profitable.


One thing that I have learned from the Wealthy Affiliate training programs that I use is that there IS a process that you can follow that will create success. Easy step by step instruction on how to start internet business and take it to the next level.


It’s not that hard a concept – it’s like driving a car – there is a process involved that includes using gears and brakes an accelerator and clutch … sounds complicated but if you just follow the process, before you know it you are driving down the road.


Another key trait that I just love and have to add in here because I know that it is essential to driving success. And that is Passion. You have to be passionate and enjoy what you do. Do what you love.


If you have started yourself up in an online business – whether it be full time or part time after you finish work at your JOB – you have to remind yourself that this is not a JOB – this is your business.


You call the shots and it is your ideas and your EFFORT that will make you successful.


It’s your paradigm shift from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.  If you are learning how to start internet business right now, just keep it mind that this can be a full-time career and money-making opportunity for you.


So, a Quick Summation – How to Start Internet Business


  • Use business models that have good success rate
  • Cheap to start – low risk.
  • Test Small – Test Fast
  • Fail small – Fail Fast.
  • Let go if you have to
  • Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success (Yes, I hate clichés too! But it works)
  • Be passionate – in work, in life and in love !
  • Take ownership of your future and give this a go – you have little to loose and lots to gain.
  • Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur


Learn more here about affiliate marketing and how to start internet business.

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2 thoughts on “How to Start Internet Business”

  1. Love the affiliate marketing model and think that it is the great way to start your own business. What is your opinion on saturation when it comes to affiliate marketing? My though is that if anyone can do it won’t that naturally mean more will fail than succeed at making money this way.

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time to read this article. You have made a good observation and I get asked this a lot. But my feeling is that it would be a long long time before there was any saturation or even close to it, on the internet. Not everyone produces quality information, so the search engines will always seek this out over poor quality. People will come and go because of this. Reality is that you have to work at affiliate marketing – so it will not always suit everyone. But also, there are around 7 billion people in the world at the moment and only around 2.5billion (only) are active on the internet. SO there is a little way to go yet. New products are being made all the time as well so there will always be things to market.

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