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How To Find Keywords For A Website Article

Marketing website content is the primary objective of the affiliate marketing professional. As it is the function of your website content to draw in and engage your readers you need to on top of how to find keywords for your articles and blogs.


Fortunately, you can get access to one of the best keyword search tools free for a trial period so you can learn how to find keywords the easy way.


What is keyword research and how does it affect my website SEO?


how to find keywords for Keyword research is the task of finding and testing words, phrases, strings of words that might be used by a person enquiring through a search engine on the internet.


This process of enhancing your website visibility is also known as SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – which is all about making your website and content as visible as possible to the search engines.


For example, if you wanted to find out information about something on the internet you would type a string of words into a search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista, Firefox etc so it could then go and find some websites with information that match close to the request.


What is a keyword?


How to find keywords for The keywords are, as the name suggests, the key to the search result that the search engines return.


The more detailed, or specific the keyword is that you enter to search, the more likely you are to find an appropriate match that can return you the best information.


In the same way, content writers use Keywords in their articles, blogs, websites, videos, pictures etc so that they attract the attention of the search engines when a query is made.


The better the keywords, and their relevance to the content, the better the article or blog will rank.


The better the ranking the more likely it is that the search engines will display your website when a similar search request is entered.


This why knowing how to find keywords for a website is so important and understanding what is keyword research and how it can help your search engine ranking.


Keyword Search Tools


There are some great tools available for keyword search. I learned how to find keywords for a website article through the Wealthy Affiliate University training modules on keyword research.


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a website development, hosting and training platform that I use to run my affiliate marketing website business.


WA also have a keyword research tool within this platform, and it is one that I use religiously.


I have also trialled the MarketSamurai Keyword research program. This is a very comprehensive research tool and is similarly priced to the Jaaxy program but I did find it difficult to use.


Even with the better knowledge of keyword research that I have now, I still find it difficult to navigate and set up searches.


It might just be me, I don’t know.


I would not suggest it for people new to online marketing. Maybe as an advanced tool if you can get your head around it but definitely not for newbies.


Another Excellent Tool is the Jaaxy Program.


Jaaxy is one of the easiest keyword research tools that I have personally used and I can highly recommend it.

how to find keywords for websites

It does come with a limited free trial, but I think once you try it you will see the value to your business if you are serious about making money online. (Learn here about what is Jaaxy)



You Can Use Google Search to Find Keywords, Too


how to find keywords for Another simple form of keyword research is using some of the tools found in Google.


By typing in a keyword search string into google you can get an idea of competition, how many sites are displaying your search request (keywords), and what the sites are.


You can do a bit of snooping through the sites that are ranking for your keywords and see what they are like.  



Note that when you are doing Google keyword research, type in your keywords using “apostrophes” around the search string. This will give you a significantly better / exact result than typing the keywords in ‘open’. 


how to find keywords for This is because Google gives you a very broad coverage of website hits using some bits and mixed words from your entered open keywords.


Whereas using the “apostrophes” will return you an exact match result.



You can also try Google Adwords keyword tool, but I found it a little hard to use and expensive.






Using Jaaxy and WA keyword tools give you all this information, but even more exact, at the click of a button. 


Both Jaaxy and WA provide you with information on the average number of searches you will get for a specific keyword or phrase.


how to find keywords for


It will also show you how many websites are currently using that exact keyword or phrase and how may people are expected to actually click on a site with these keywords or phrases.


It is pretty powerful stuff.


Using Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool


You can trial Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool when you sign up for a free starter account. The free account gives you 2 websites to build using WordPress templates, training and free hosting and Siterubix domain names.


how to find keywords for


The free trial allows you 30 searches on the keyword tool.  This is the same as the Jaaxy site.


Once you upgrade to premium you have unlimited access to the keyword search, 50 websites and hosting, unlimited training and support.


I run my affiliate marketing business with multiple websites entirely on this platform – with one fixed annual fee. Too easy.


The WA keyword tool gives you all that you need to do keyword research and their training teaches you how to find keywords for your website content.


For more advanced information on how to find keywords for your site, I would recommend the Jaaxy Premium or the Enterprise version once you are earning good money. Jaaxy is the only research platform that you will need.


So, if you are wanting to know how to find keywords for best optimisation of your websites, there are some excellent, free to low priced options available. 


Choices of Keyword Research Tools Are:


  • Google Adwords
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool
  • Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool


My recommendation for ease of use and value for money (after free trials) are the Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate tools. 


I hope this has been of some assistance to you in learning how to find keywords for your latest website project.  Please feel free to leave a comment below. I try to keep the information as simple and straightforward as possible, but if you want more detail please let me know.

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