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An Affiliate Marketing Business Review

In this short article, I am going to share with you straight up what I have found to be the best program for you to get started online marketing. It is also the best tool to help you start affiliate marketing. The Free login will give you the taste that you need in order to decide if you can make money online.

This is in part a review of the Wealthy Affiliate program, but I am also just putting it out there for you to look at it, take it, and run with it.

At the end of the day, the Wealthy Affiliate program is free to start if you like. So there is NO outlay required to start up a hosted, functional website; view the type of training that is on offer, and experience the help from the site founders and the community of people using the program. This website and program have been around for 10+ years now, so that says a bit about the quality of information and service on offer.

Free Trial

There is also NO LIMIT to the free trial period. You can remain working on your website for free as long as you want and really get a feel for the business ahead. However, they do offer a premium package that will totally kick-start your desire to get started online marketing and create a BUSINESS online.

How does affiliate marketing workThe premium package offers a whole lot more website designs and options. And opens up the Wealthy Affiliate University for all the training about marketing online, that you will need.

Now to start off, if you don’t know a lot about online marketing and affiliate marketing in particular, then can I suggest you have a look at the information that I have on this on my website

But basically, affiliate marketing is NOT pyramid selling and it is NOT an MLM or network marketing – it is a legitimate form of selling that is used by a multitude of companies to get their product to the marketing with the largest amount of exposure at the least cost.

If you can buy something on the internet, you will be most probably buying it through an affiliate marketing website.

Online marketing as a business.

Starting affiliate marketing online as a business is something that has become more accessible over the last decade as a home business option. Now that conventional companies have started to branch out into using the internet as part of their core business activities.what is affiliate marketing

Companies like Kmart and the Target, have followed the lead of the online groups like Amazon who have, from the onset of the internet, taken their business online and have diversified and grown. Amazon was one of the very early companies to encourage affiliate marketing.

Kmart now offers affiliate marketing opportunities that are available to the likes of you and me to set up our own online marketing website and connect to the thousands of products that they sell.

If you can buy it, you can sell it online

When Kmart or Amazon sell a product that has been linked to them from your website you will earn a commission off that sale.

So you can imagine, a customer from your website connects to Kmart and buys $200 worth of items. They have them delivered to their home – the customer is happy (saved themselves some money and time by shopping online). Kmart is happy – they sold stock to a happy customer and saved themselves some money on advertising, staffing costs and handling. And you are happy because you earned yourself some commission from a link on your website that really didn’t cost you much to do.

This is the business of affiliate marketing.  But know that there are literally 10’s of thousands of products and services and affiliate groups that you can establish a connection with.  So you can be an affiliate to any type of company selling a diverse range of services or products.

Is it profitable?

As with a conventional (non-internet based) business, if you put time and effort into your business you will get rewarded, generally.

But knowing from the onset, the best way to run the business and setting it up. And managing it for ongoing viability is essential for your success. You wouldn’t start a conventional business without knowing anything about your business services or products. This would be destined to fail.

Profitability starts with getting volume or traffic through your website. This is where the Wealthy Affiliate program can really assist you. Volume is driven by creating good usable (readable) content that will attract people to your site. This is probably the main function of your business. Writing good blogs or reviews or information that can be useful to your readers forms the basis of a trusted website.

Trusted websites attract good rankings from the search engines (ie Google, Bing, Yahoo etc). Your ranking and placement in a search engine are essential to your success in getting hits on your site.

Your income from the website is directly related to the volume of hits on your site. So the more effort you put into the website and SEO the more profitable it will become.

My Get Rich “over time” Scheme

Note that I have not indicated at any stage that this is a get rich quick scheme. Because It’s not. It is a “get rich over time” scheme!

That’s what makes it legitimate and long-term profitable.

I personally am part of the Wealthy Affiliate program. The training and development available are easily likened to a college course. Only it is better because you also have access to the online course and webinar training. Great if you are a visual learner like me.

There is also a community of helpers and mentors who will assist you. They can help if you have questions about your website or marketing ideas on generating traffic.

Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below and Ill be sure to help you.

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