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Let’s start off by assuming you don’t actually know all that much about affiliate marketing or how it works. But you are obviously interested enough to go looking for affiliate marketing training courses online. Now, you can find out what it is about and if you can actually make money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Simply put, ‘Affiliate Marketing‘ is basically a process where a seller ( the merchant) offers a commission to a website owner  (you and me) in return for sales generated through their website advertising links.  It is an awesome system. You don’t have to own, purchase or supply and stock or service. All you do is advertise and market a product or service for another company and they pay you for your effort when a sale is complete.

Affiliate Marketing is a simpler system than drop shipping for example. Dropshipping may require you to pay for a product that you sell to a client and then retrieve the cost plus a mark up from the client.   So you have exposure to defaults, returns, dealing with clients and dealing with wholesalers directly.  Ok, it works, and you can make money for sure. But Affiliate Marketing removes all that exposure as you are not chasing money, deliveries or dealing with people directly.

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What Training is Available on Affiliate Marketing?

So what about training for wannabe affiliate marketers?  There are a number of online training options available. Some are good (thorough) and others are not so good and don’t really help that much, so it is worth reading some reviews and doing the research.

But I am going to cut to the chase and direct you to the Affiliate Marketing training courses that got me set up, started in my online endeavours and earning money.

There are a couple of very valid reasons why I am pointing you to this training.  Firstly, you can try before you buy.  It is free to create an account to log you into the first level with 10 training lessons, tutorials and videos.  Plus you get 2 free websites to set up while you are training.  No Credit card required until you want to subscribe.  And there is no time limit. Obviously, you will get a subscription discount if you start early but otherwise, you can work for free ( and earn a commission on sales).

Secondly, it would have to be the best training material that I have experienced. And I am not just saying that because I use it and earn money from it.  The training material is thorough, easy to follow and up to date.

One Stop Shop

The affiliate marketing training courses that I use are provided by the Wealthy Affiliate program.  It is basically a one stop shop for serious online marketing professionals.  I run everything from this program. I get my training, my support, my mentoring, my website development tools, my hosting for 25 websites, my domain names, my keyword research.. you name it, they have it.

But we are talking about training here.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course and Content

Below is a screenshot of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate that Wealthy Affiliate offer. There is also the Bootcamp, links to other training areas and the Classrooms with various webinars, video, tutorials etc. What you learn is comprehensive and is intended to set you up for earning money online.

Affiliate Marketing Training Video

Initial Free Training

When you initially set up an account you will be given access to the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate.  You can use the two free hosted websites that you have access to. These are great for using while you work through your training.


Online Entrepreneur Certificate

This is what you will see when you click on the View Course key – 10 lessons in the First Level of Training that are all designed to get you up and running with a website and online presence. Remember this is all free so far .. so give it a go!

Affiliate Marketing Training

Note that Wealthy Affiliate is offering an awesome discount for the Black Friday specials.  So, this is a great opportunity to sign up and have a look at the training on offer. You can also check out the whole program and see what you get if you decide to take up the challenge.



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