The Six Figure Mentors Review – What Does it Cost

Six Figure Mentors scam

I was introduced to the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) through a Facebook ad that links to an Australian couple who are working the SFM business through their own personalized website.  The question from many, is this a legitimate program or is the Six Figure Mentors a scam?  And what does it really cost? I hope this ‘The Six Figure Mentors Review” post will help you make a decision if it something for you or not.

Name: Six Figure Mentors (SFM)


Price: $29.95 + $97/mth + $297 + $2,500/yr + up to $20,000

Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

The Six figure mentors review

Some Background Info

Essentially, SFM is a program that trains people on how to set up an internet-based product and services marketing business.

The SFM system has a lucrative affiliate program that is available to its members who cam market and sell the SFM program. So, the ad I clicked on Facebook on would provide the Website owner with a commission for my purchases within the SFM and it’s Digital Experts Academy (DEA) program.  That is pretty much how affiliate marketing works, and what makes it such a great business to be involved with.

The owners and developers, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have been around for a while. The Six Figure Mentors program was launched in 2010, so they have time credibility on their side. Their DEA program – the Digital Experts Academy-  was developed earlier by Stuart and Jay and marketed in a program called Carbon Copy Pro.  The pricing structure for this was very ‘big ticket’ and I guess it didn’t pan out for them. So it this was the precursor to SFM.

They centre training on Affiliate Marketing techniques initially, where you are marketing and making commissions from other peoples products or services. But they also delve into marketing high ticket products (the DEA) and also selling your own products online.

The Training  Modules

The SFM program provides a good range of pretty comprehensive looking training. Training is video and tutorial-based and they provide access to mentors and other members in live forum scenarios to discuss business and to provide motivation.

Not all the training and information is available to you upfront.

You need to start with Module 1 – introduction course. This runs through the outline of the business, what affiliate marketing is about, and the training etc.   You need to complete the module, step by step before you can progress onto (or apply for) the next level.

What Does it Cost Initially?

As mentioned earlier, you begin at the Intro level that starts with a $29.95 application fee which enables you to get access to the “Module 1 – Introduction” course.

SFM offer a 30 day full refund guarantee on their products if you decide not to continue. So this is encouraging and a nice confidence booster.

In this module, you will go through all the information about the process of making money on the Internet. It covers the different ways to advertise, why you need a website, and building a list of contacts and email addresses. It also covers how to providing value through content for your audience.

Module 2 Access

The next level you apply for is the Basic SFM Essential Membership. This is where you get access to more of the program and training suite for $297 PLUS  $97 per month to continue access thereafter.

Additionally, you get access to a variety of other products. These are available and promoted as part of the toolset of the Six Figure Mentors program

This is where being an affiliate of the SFM program becomes lucrative as you progress up the levels.

What Other Costs Are There?

Here is a list of products within the Six Figure Mentors that you can buy, promote and earn affiliate commissions from.

  1. SFM Essential  ($297 + $97/mth)
  2. SFM Elite Mastermind              ($2,500)
  3. Digital Business Lounge              ($37 or $67/mth)
  4. Simple Lead Capture              ($29.95/mth)
  5. Graphix Creator              ($99)
  6. SimpleTraxx  ($9.95/mth)
  7. Silver – Digital Experts Academy  ($2,500)
  8. Gold – Digital Experts Academy    ($8,000)
  9. Platinum – Digital Experts Academy  ($11,000)
  10. Black – Digital Experts Academy ($20,000)

So as you can see their progression levels and tools add up.  Access to basic tools is all monthly charged.

Consider, If you set up your own website using a WordPress theme, all these costs would be included in your hosting! Just a thought.

What Lies Beyond the First Module?

Ok, so I did not go beyond this level as I had seen enough.  But I have had some insights into the program from some colleagues who have been involved in the program at higher levels.

There is a requirement to complete all steps within each module. For example, there are 4 parts in Module 2. To progress from part one to the next you have to fully complete the first part. So, if you get stuck you need to contact a support consultant to help you through – which may take a day or so if they don’t get straight back to you.

You can’t skip parts that you don’t want to do or already have experience with.  So that could be annoying, I’d imagine.

Also, to move along within the modules you have to register for and attend the live events where you are encouraged to share your goals etc. It is a basic ‘dream building’ exercise that is used by most MLM type companies to motivate their members.

Beyond Module 4

Before you can proceed to the 4th Module of the training you need to have a Skype meeting with one of their Business Strategics. This is to see if you are a good fit to be eligible for the Elite Mastermind Program (at $2500 annually, mind you!).

This tactic promotes exclusivity and encourages people to progress to access the information in the Elite program and beyond. I am not sure it would work for me.  I am private by nature and having to be interviewed in my own business to progress is a major turn off to me.

The Six Figure Mentors Review – Summary

It just seems like such a lot of money to spend when so much is available online these days in the online marketing training field.   This program is certainly the most expensive one I have come across to-date.

The end result is the same with all the programs that I have been involved with and reviewed. The training and information is similar or the same in nature,  and in some cases much better, but at a fraction of the cost.

Have a read of these two other Affiliate Marketing Program reviews and see what they have to offer in comparison:

AffiloBlueprint Review

2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Recommendation

If you are wanting to start an online business Affiliate Marketing is certainly the most cost effective and practical option to start. So long as you pick the right program :-).

So I am not sure why you would invest this much money in SFM. At the end of the day, there are no guaranteed outcomes.  You only get out of it what you put in. And if you don’t commit yourself to whatever you do online, you will not succeed, regardless of how much you pay.

So I would personally recommend trying an Affiliate Marketing program that lets you have free access. Where you are not having to chase up an Admin department for refunds if you don’t like it.

Take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate program as this offers unlimited free trial access with no payment details required upfront.  It is also a program that has a logical fixed fee/subscription. This will enable you to become profitable easier by not breaking your credit card before you start earning money.



12 thoughts on “The Six Figure Mentors Review – What Does it Cost”

  1. I’ve heard a lot about six figure mentors, but I’m still not totally convinced about the profitability of this program. Hence, I had to research some more, to ensure I don’t have cause to regret.

    I didn’t know it would be this expensive to get the full benefits of this program. Honestly, I’m happy I came across this post, and I won’t be spending that much because, I don’t even have it. 

    Thanks for the share, very helpful!!!

    1. Hi Louis, yes it seems a lot of money for some of those high end upgrades. To be honest, I dont know what the Gold and Silver type upgrades would get you  but for 10, 20K it would want to be good.  

      cheers James 

  2. When I was reading through, I was like, ”such outrageous amounts, when Wealthy Affiliate provides mostly the same thing, for peanuts compared to the large sums the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) are requesting”.

    Wealthy Affiliate is so amazing that it starts out free, trains you free but if you want to upgrade to premium and access a plethora of affiliate marketing goodies then you’d have to pay a subsidised amount of just 19 dollars. 

    1. I have some difficulty thinking about what extra information and training you would get from the SFM program that you would not get at Wealthy Affiliate, as an example. 

      Thanks for your thoughts


  3. This is a comprehensive review of the Six Figure Mentor.  I was reading ad I was like gosh! This is so expensive. I am happy that with Wealthy Affiliate, we are able to earn an affiliate income online and interact with a very helpful community in there. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate any time to anyone who is looking to make a living online.

    1. Hi Rutz… the SFM program seems to be very professionally done and offers substantial training and mentoring, but, as you say, you can get all that through the Wealthy Affiliate program. I guess when you are on a good thing, stick to it. 

  4. Thanks for the unbiased review of the SFM , six figures mentor program. In my opinion this program does not really seem profitable to me, even when it has claimed to be profitable. The program is not beyond a few training module and I can not think of what in depth knowledge it can offer.

    In my experience the wealthy affiliate remains a near perfect program with all the necessary training to succeed as an online affiliate market. I agree with your words about the WA. thank you.

    1. It would seem to make it harder to become profitable quickly if you have a large outlay. I think the idea of this program is the develop a business and ‘level up’ as your business takes hold… I assume this is what they would be recommending. I am still not too sure what you get for the higher levels other than the opportunity to get a huge commission if you sell one of these high value levels.

  5. Thanks for writing this review on Six Figure Mentors program and all it entails. I must commend you for taking your time to write this review, I have been hearing about six figures mentors program for a while now and it is not in any way for newbies.i must admit there is many things to learn and gain in the program.but with the price is not near what I can introduce to anyone and am grateful for one thing in this review you give out the best alternative which is wealthy affiliate 

  6. This Six Figure income is way too expensive. I don’t see any special thing about the product that I should key into it when there are other better legitimate programs online that is free to start or even at a well reduced and affordable cost. That’s why I love a platform like wealthy affiliates that offers everything needed to start your own online business and to succeed in it. The benefits of Wealthy Affiliates is too numerous and I have never seen such amazing platform online.

  7. I would personally not go for this for some reasons. The way of billing is not encouraging, why would each step be billed for thou I like the idea of a 30day refund policy incase you opt out. Another fact is not being able to skip between modules which might be discouraging. Probably the next step might bring idea of the previous one and waiting a day to receive information from online support would make me loose interest as well. In my own opinion it’s a no go

  8. Wow I didn’t expect it to be very costly. I visited their website because a Facebook friend recommend this to me. I’m glad I came here to check your review first before buying their training modules. So, is there any actual success story from their user? I would like to check your recommendation too. There are so many online training platforms these days and I’m scared that most of them are actually scam 🙁

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