Must Know Secret of Affiliate Marketing Exposed

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

What is The Secret of Affiliate Marketing?

I am about to blow the cover on the secret of affiliate marketing.  There are heaps of misconceptions about affiliate marketing, so right now we are going to tackle the top 7 head on.  

the secret of affiliate marketing


So what is the big secret… there is no secret ! 


It is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

There are so many scams and get rich quick schemes on the internet it is not surprising that people might think that affiliate marketing could be one.


However, affiliate marketing is a business and marketing technique. It is not a scheme or a program that you need to buy into to. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to collect money from people to further your position.


Nor do you need to invest in secretive proprietary software that will “do it all for you”.


Becoming successful in an affiliate marketing business comes from the efforts that you put into your business. It takes time to build up your business, as it does with other legitimate business opportunities.


If you are offered riches overnight or told that you can make money with no effort, while you sleep .. then be wary. There is no such thing as a get rich scheme that works.


It is not multi-level marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) business model.  MLM’s / network marketing involves you becoming a distributor (a reseller) for products or systems.


The MLM model revolves around using the product and selling it to family and friends to create a necessary volume. You need this volume to earn bonuses. Most MLMs also offer a down-line incentive – which means that you sell the business idea to others and sign them up as distributors.


Effectively, you have a boss (your up-line) and staff (your downline). In most cases, it is the marketing of the business idea (the network) that earns you the money.


The secret of affiliate marketing

the secret of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is completely different.  Affiliate marketing is a business and marketing strategy and technique that is used by 10’s of thousands (+) of businesses.

They use this technique as a part of their mainstream advertising and marketing strategy in conjunction with their other media advertising.


The businesses that use this marketing technique range from large multinationals through to small home based businesses. These businesses offer affiliate programs to website owners for them to advertise products and services.


The website owners (affiliate marketers) engage in an affiliate relationship with the businesses allowing them to earn a commission for sales that they generate through their websites.


The affiliate marketer has his/her own business built around niche information websites.  The level of income earned is determined by their volume of traffic that they generate through their website. Traffic is drawn to the websites through content articles, video, product reviews, travel reviews, blogs etc.


It Requires Physical Effort

To succeed in any business, you need to input effort. It is no different with online marketing.  This is definitely one of the secrets of affiliate marketing. Often, people believe that you can just create a website and leave it to earn money.


The business of affiliate marketing requires you to create engaging content that draws readers to your websites. What you are trying to do is create a good volume of traffic that visits your site and reads your content.


Nobody will just hit your site and look through your content if it is not relevant to your niche and is not engaging. So you need to work at this and post content regularly to keep your site fresh and up to date with new content.


You Can Earn Money

Another secret of affiliate marketing. I get asked a lot if you can really make money online with affiliate marketing. The reality is that some people do and some people don’t.


There are a lot of people who make an exceptional living from their affiliate marketing activities, but there are equally people who make very little.


Now I know that is not necessarily what you want to hear. But that is the difference between a scam and a real opportunity. The scammers will lie and tell you that you are guaranteed results.


An opportunity is not a guarantee in any business.


The result that I can assure you is that you will learn a new skill in website development and business management. If you apply what you learn and work consistently the chances of you succeeding and producing and income are good.


No effort = no income


I never personally discuss my income, but I am a full-time affiliate marketer and business owner. I am and active part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and other online marketing social networks.  


However, check out these links to other real people who are part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.


These success stories are real and are recent.



It’s your turn to take control of your life and earning potential. Why not try affiliate marketing?


It Is a Legitimate Business

Yes. Affiliate marketing is a genuine marketing technique used by big and small businesses to help them extend their consumer reach.


the secret of affiliate marketing

Website owners (the affiliate) apply for affiliate connections with these businesses. This will give the affiliate the right to advertise and market the businesses products or services in return for a commission on sales.


For the business, their outlay for advertising in this manner is small with a potentially huge market reach.  Additionally, they don’t have to pay out any commissions until a sale is completed.


For the affiliate, they can market products on their website without having to hold stock or deal with the sales process.  They earn a commission once the sale is processed from a link on their website.


The affiliate has his or her own business, pay their own taxes and manage their own business affairs in general.


It Does Not Have To Cost Much To Start

Another secret of affiliate marketing to bust! People often assume that starting a business online is going to cost them a lot of money. This assumption probably comes from the “get rich quick” fraternity who generally demand significant upfront payments before they give you any information.


Ring a bell?


There are platforms that will enable you to set up an affiliate marketing business online for small membership subscriptions.


What you need to start up an affiliate marketing business is a platform that offers website development tools, website hosting, seriously comprehensive training and full support and mentoring. 


This is a service that is worth paying for. And can possibly be claimed as a business expense (check that with your accountant). 


I subscribe to the Wealthy Affiliate university platform – that gives me all of the above plus a fabulous community of industry peers that I can network with.  They provide me with an easy to use website design and management tool, keyword tools, second to none training, and 24/7 support.


Wealthy Affiliate also offers a free starter membership. This gives you 2 free websites and hosting, initial training and support. All that you need to get started and ready for business.


The premium membership gives me up to 50 websites with hosting, full training courses and exceptional support, plus the WA community of industry peers.


See table below


Wrap Up

So, what is the secret of affiliate marketing?  The biggest secret is that it is a totally transparent, legitimate and potentially highly profitable business opportunity.


The secret is that there is no secret. You can get all the information on how to develop an affiliate marketing business at


Get started now with your free membership account at Wealthy Affiliate. Launch into an online money making business. Earn some extra money while you work your job or go full time and change your stars.

the secret of affiliate marketing

6 thoughts on “Must Know Secret of Affiliate Marketing Exposed”

  1. Thank you so much for explaining the difference between affiliate marketing and multi-network marketing. Sadly MLM has given a bad reputation to online marketers because of their marketing methods.

    As you explained, the two are very different. I like to look at affiliate marketing as doing what we already do every day when we recommend people to things we love. We solve problems.

    1. Hi Wendy, Many people liken Affiliate marketing with multi level marketing. It is just word association. Im not against MLMs but I do think that for people who are not into the face to face networking thing .. affiliate marketing is a way better option.

      As you say, affiliate marketing is a very natural process. Just a matter of informing and solving problems.

      thanks for your comments. Cheers James

  2. Totally agree with you that there are no secrets as some would like you to believe as they use that as a way to get money from you.

    As you mentioned in your post, simply learn what you need to know and be prepared to do the work. It takes the right knowledge and put the work into what works to make an online presence.

    Your Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent why to approach having an online presence as you do more than just create a website but incorporate all the essential steps to make your website work for you.

    1. Thanks for the comments here Travis, Yes you have it in one. Once people understand what affiliate marketing is about they see the fabulous opportunity.

  3. This is an awesome exposure of what Affiliate marketing really is!! I mean, there are so many get rich quick schemes out there and the reality is that there’s no such thing. You must serve people to make money and there’s no quick way to do that. Thank you so much for your post and you’ve inspired me greatly!!!

    1. Hi Brenna, So True, to be successful you really need to focus on helping people and bringing the information that they need. Affiliate marketing rises above the scams and get rich schemes. I am so pleased this was inspiring to you.

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