Long Tail Pro Review – Is it the Best Keyword Tool?

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is a recently released system via JVZoo. It is used to find profitable targeted keywords and calculated how they compete for any niche.  According to the product information it has been around for a while (originally launched in 2011) and has around 70K users. So I assume it has been marketed elsewhere before being re-released via JVZoo.   So I hope you enjoy this Long Tail Pro Review.

The Long Tail Pro Review

The designer is Tony Earp and the aim of his software is to find the right keywords to rank in Google. It uses Google keyword search behaviour to predict keyword results. So, it is a Keyword search and management tool.

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker provides you with 15,000 keywords, keyword competitiveness score, and personal domain analysis. You will predict more keywords easier.

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker provides you with the top-converting banners and ads for your blog. Lets ready to track your rankings and get best results.

Upsells and down sell.

I think this is where people start to get jaded with the whole process of working online.

It is the upsells and down-sells that you have to go through to get to the product that is advertised as an ONE TIME only payment.

Long Tail Pro Up sellThe LTP program has a couple of levels and product deviations that you can go into once you have parted with your initial $27.

Because the product is sold through JVZoo as an affiliate program I guess it needs to deliver a commission structure for the affiliates to earn enough money for it to be viable for them.

Commission Structure

So they offer this amazing commission structure.

50% commission on the “one time only’ Front End fee of $27- Access To The *NEW* Long Tail Pro SaaS Software

Then there is the upsell to the OTO 1 product – Annual Starter $97 and Pro $197 (another ‘One Time Only’) Without actually paying the money, you don’t get to see that the product is. But it has to be good, right?   And the Affiliate gets 50% commission on this one as well.

Next is the down-sell.  The affiliate still gets 50% commission but the product is now Monthly Starter $17 and Pro $27  (So….. you can pay monthly rather than annually, but it costs you more)

Followed by the OTO 2 Long Tail University Training for $97.  Affiliates get 50% of this one too.

Great Affiliate Commission

Whilst this review is about the Long Tail Pro keyword tool, a major part of it appears to be the software as a product to sell. So if you were to market this product as an affiliate you would make a great commission.  I would love to know how may affiliates take up the challenge.

Do you want to know what really is the best Keyword Management Tool? Find out here.

The Product

Whoops, my bad!  I got so caught up in the sales hype I forgot that there was a product here.

So the products work similar to most SEO keyword research programs.  Whilst I have not paid for the product to evaluate its worth, it doesn’t actually look too bad.  It also seems to be quite user-friendly.

You enter in the desired keyword string and it will send back long tail keyword results based on their search engine metrics. The system gives you a competition analysis. How many other sites compete with this keyword, number of search results etc. And they add a value in dollar terms to determine the rank value and profitability of the keyword.

You can track your keyword selections to monitor your rankings.

How Long Tail Pro works

Long Tail Keywords

The Point of difference that this software is promoting is that, from a ‘seed’ keyword,  it generates long tail keywords (which is a string of words or a phrase) that people would actually use when searching on the internet.

For example – if you were searching up info on an iPhone 7 – you could just type “iPhone 7” into Google and get a result. But in real life, you would probably type in “best deals on iPhone7”  or “where can I buy an iPhone 7”. These are Long Tail Keywords.


There is no doubt that the Long Tail Pro software is functional and relatively easy to use. Hopefully, the review on Long Tail Pro has been able to demonstrate that. However, I am put off by the up-sell and down-sell scenario to get to a fully functional product.

I have nothing against paying for good software products online – especially SaaS (software as a Service) products that are business tools that enhance your SEO skills to help generate traffic to your website. I just want to know what I am getting up front for the money I have to pay.

A free trial would be nice!

My #1 Recommendation

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool personally. It produces all that the LTP product does, plus more and is a very user-friendly product. If you accessed Jaaxy directly from the internet it will offer you a free trial so you can try it out.

Now you do have to pay to extend the use of this product too. But what they offer is access to the FULL product to all subscribers. As you require larger access ( more keyword search storage, more tracking analysis etc) because your business has grown, then you pay a bigger subscription. But the point is that you have access to it all information at any level.

Additionally, as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate (the affiliate marketing platform that I use), I get a Pro access to Jaaxy as part of my WA subscription.

If you would like to learn more about the Affiliate Marketing program and Keyword Research Tool that I use, set up a free log in access HERE.  

11 thoughts on “Long Tail Pro Review – Is it the Best Keyword Tool?”

  1. wow 50% commission is amazing, for sure its something to work for. The keyword tracker is a great help with things like this, its good to see if your work Is going to get out there well or not, depending on the words you pick. Its about how you word it to catch peoples traffic and attention on google. 

    1. Hi Jayde, Yep its a pretty good commission. The Jaaxy Keyword tool has a commission for affiliates as well which is close to this. But I think the close rate and retention would be higher with Jaxxy as the pricing structure is better for users. 

  2. Hi James,

    I’ve used Long Tail  Keyword in the past and I’ve used Jaaxy as well. They actually have similar functionality and both are excellent keyword search tools. I can definitely recommend both, Jaaxy does have far more transparency in terms of pricing structure so agree with you on that front!

    1. Hi Nate,  thanks for your input. Great to get the perspective from users of both platforms. My thoughts were also that the Long Tail Pro system was a good product, but the fee structure over the top. 

  3. Hello

    Thanks for the write up on Long Tail Keywords. I did subscribe to it for a while however the monthly plan is around $37 and was out of my budget. I agree with you sometimes these pesky upsells can be a bother. You feel for the basic version you are not getting a complete solution and that sometimes does not sit well with me. 

    All in all it is a widely used program to look for keywords with the emphasis being on long tail keywords ( 3 keywords together). That helps the user get traffic on keywords that still have potential to get readers to your site or niche.

    I did like the offer of $27 fro 10,000 words however since I joined Wa Jaaxy is what I am using now. So far so good.

    I also did buy Market Samurai for $97 lifetime. Do plan to try it out so do  you have any review on that Product ?



    1. Hi Jake, Yes I understand the price was normally $37 per month but it went to $27 for Black Friday, I think.  I have also subscribed to Market Samurai and Jaaxy but have found Jaaxy to be the most user friendly, for me. Oh and yes now that I use Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member, Jaaxy is included at the Pro level anyway. 

      cheers James

  4. Hi – First the positive.  The info was quite good.  I especially liked your handling and explanation of “long tail keyword.”  The layout and structure was also appealing. And as a WA member I appreciated your use of affiliations and preference shown.

    I think the topic of your review was a good one and important to your audience – good choice.

    The negative, for me, I think it might not be a good idea to review a product that you actually didn’t try.

    A positive overall – Mike

    1. Hi Mike,  Thanks for your thoughts. I understand what you are saying about reviewing product that is not used. My point mostly was that I could not access it on any free trial or have any way of assessment without paying for it upfront. 

      I have used and paid for many web based systems and this not particularly interested in paying for software I cannot assess upfront.  I also use a couple of different Keyword tools that I have not had to go through an upsell and downsell scenario to access areas of the programs.  

      Thanks again… gotta take the negatives with the positives, and I appreciate your honest thoughts. 

  5. I have not heard of Long Tail Pro prior to reading your review. I do use Jaaxy however and quite frankly, see no reason to search for other keyword research tools. At least not at this point. Like you, I find it very disappointing when you purchase a product to do a specific job or function, only to find out that to do what you really want to do you need to “upgrade” for an additional feed. That was one of the things I really liked about Jaaxy. I was able to do all the things I wanted or needed to do to see if it was the product for me for free. Once I decided it was and wanted to be able to do those things more times per month then it was an easy decision to upgrade to the paid product. But I could have easily kept using the free version on a more restricted basis (fewer searches, etc) forever if I had wanted to. 

    Thanks for reviewing LTP for us but I’ll stick with Jaaxy for now. 

    1. Thanks David for your comments. I have used a couple of different keyword tools but have found Jaaxy to, not only be easy to access and has a free trial, but the pricing is fine for me at the Pro level and is more than I need for my business.

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