Create An Online Business Website 4 Steps

how to create an online business website

Start with a Basic Website Framework

Create a business WebsiteStarting up an online business can be a pretty rewarding experience. But getting the basics right will make a big difference to how you develop. So I want to run through how to create an online business website, as a starting point.

Tie your Social Media and Video Marketing to your Website

Working online requires a website. I know a lot of people use social media now and youtube as the focus of their business, but a website is still a basic requirement.

Your website should act as your hub to the internet. You need a base or a focal point for maximum exposure. A website will do that for you.

Linking to your social media and video channels through your website will tie your business together and create a fuller experience for your followers.

Niche Marketing?  Have you heard of this?

If you have an idea for your website then you are on your way. If you have a brick-and-mortar business that you are creating this website for, then think of some ways that you can develop niches within your business.

This is just a thought – You might be able to create several niche websites that all link back to the main business site. This gives you an option of target marketing specific niches within your business, whilst still providing a core business presence for your customers to view.

Otherwise, spend a bit of time thinking of a Niche that you can use to start your online business.

How to Create an Online Business Website

These days there is no reason to be afraid of creating a website. They don’t have to be expensive, and even better, you can do it all yourself.

You need a website that you can maintain and manage content easily and instantly. Being able to access your site through easy online management is the key.

Things change so quickly these days, so you want to be able to make immediate changes to your content as you need.

Simple websites start with a good development site and a fast stable hosting platform.

My #1 Recommendation.

Template Websites, Training and Support

When you are learning how to create an online business website a huge bonus is having access to comprehensive training on developing, marketing and monetizing your website.

My recommendation above includes website building tools, management, training and support.

Template Websites Are The Way To Go.

Unless you are a big company that wants to develop complex supply chain and e-commerce sites then you do not need a website developer to code up your site.  That is old-school stuff now.

WordPress is the largest website template developer on the internet.

They literally have thousands of templates that you can use – mostly they are free but you can also buy the template upgrade that will give you some more ‘customizable’ features.

But I’d wait until your website is earning you some money before investing in this.

I personally use the Wealthy Affiliate platform to build and manage my websites. It costs me $359 per year to run and host up to 50 websites plus whatever domain names I want to buy.

I also earn an affiliate income that pays for this annual fee, plus some.

Ok, back to how to create an online business website.

The 4 Step Process

How to create an online business website

Sign into Wealthy Affiliate – set up a free account ( you don’t need a credit card or any payment option to do this).

Go to the SiteRubix “build your website here” tab and press the GO button on the “Site Builder” drop down tab.

This opens up your simple 4 Step Process for building your website foundation. You can have this done in less than a minute.


 how to create a website 4 steps

Note that you can create a FREE website using a domain name extension, or you can create a website using a domain name that you have already purchased.

You can also buy domain names through Wealthy Affiliate.

Personalise Your Website with Your Own Domain Name.

Having your own personalised domain name will add more value to your website, however, starting with a free website until you are fully comfortable with it is perfectly acceptable.

Final Steps – The Start of the Journey

Now all you need to do is follow the comprehensive training tutorials that will show you, step by step, how to further develop your new website.

You will be adding written and video content, adding pictures and diagrams, and creating pages and posts.

Understand that at this point you are creating a website or websites, that can earn money. Whether that be enough to cover your operating expenses of the website/s or a significant annual income is entirely up to you.

So through learning how to create an online business website you have also learned how to start your own online affiliate marketing business.  

You can start your own online business website by clicking on the button below.  Starting with a free starter account. 

The Beginners guide to Affiliate marketing


Please comment below if you have any questions on this or would like to share some experience with us on how to create an online business website.



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