Basic Guide to Content Writing

is an online business for you

The describes CONTENT as: (in a marketing context)

  • something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts: a poetic form adequate to a poetic content.
  • substantive information or creative material viewed in contrast to its actual or potential manner of presentation:


publishers, record companies, and other content providers;

or a flashy website, but without much content.

Good content is the key to creating a

successful online business and is also going to

making you more money.

If you are passionate about something then this is the best thing to aim your niche

around, then writing about it will come easier.

Just try to stay on topic and include your website keywords in your initial paragraphs if you can. This will help your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your article ( finding your keywords is another topic I’ll cover later) but for the mean time I can introduce you to some Wealthy Affiliate training on the subject.

Searching the internet for articles and blogs and reviews will help you to uncover some content ideas.

Read these and then write the information back in your own words. The internet search engines frown heavily on plagiarism and copy paste jobs. So don’t do this.. .it will hurt your rankings rather than help them.

Writing reviews on products / solutions is a great source of content. People will go to reviews if they are looking to buy a product, so writing a recommendation about something will help to attract an audience who are in ‘buy mode’.

Outsourcing your writing

You can always hire a writer, by using services like and They are fairly cheap, but just remember that you get what you pay for.

I have not tried this myself yet as I have been able to fill my blogging needs but as I get busier I might have a look at it as an option.  I opened an account with and it really does look like a handy tool and potential income source as well.

My advice would be to really have a go at writing yourself. You’ll interact better with your customers and get a better feel for your website. Plus its free if you do it yourself.

Putting pen to paper – so to speak

The concept of content writing is actually really simple. It is just a mater of putting

your mind to writing about something relating to your niche and spewing it out into

an article – simple, right?

If only it was.

Reality is, to some people it comes naturally, and to others, myself included, it is something that needs to be worked on.  Coming from a family of writers and authors you’d think I would have a bit of an upper had, but sadly the genes didn’t follow through.

I find that getting reasonably relaxed with a cup of coffee on the table and a note pad in hand I can start to jot down ideas. Usually I can come up with a few items that I think I can cover to create an article of interest.

Plan it out, or bull at a gate?

Having a basic plan is a good idea, but I have also been told by a few mentors to just get in and write words then go back and edit them until you are happy with your article. Keep an opened mind and try both techniques and see what works best for you.

Again keep your mind on your niche subject and try to remain relevant.

Note that there is no point writing garble – you have to remember that the intention of the article is for someone to read it and get something out of it.

If its boring or nonsensical then your website will be ignored. I have seen too many articles that have obviously been written to fill a quota.

Waffle = big turn off.

What Style Fits?

Writing styles vary from person to person and I personally don’t think that there is any wrong or right. I try to have a flowing style, so I write as I would speak. That’s the style of writing that I like to read, so it works for me. Some niches might require a more formal, mater of fact style.

Remember, it’s your website ( business ) so you can dictate the style you want to present. So long as you keep in mind your target audience.

Make sure it aint spelt rongly.

The importance of good content writing cannot be overstressed. And good content also includes correct spelling and grammar. Spell check has really made it dead set easy for the writer these days, but it can also slip you up. Don’t rely on spell check to make your sentences make cents. Does that make sense?

If you are writing in English and it is not your native language, it might pay to get someone to proof-read it for you. It just makes the reading experience more pleasant and boosts your credibility as a writer.

I hope this has been of use to you. Feel free to contact me on my email address or share it if you like it. Leave some feedback below if you like and I’ll get back to you.


15 thoughts on “Basic Guide to Content Writing”

  1. Hello James

    Thank You for a very informative article on content marketing. I have recently become a blogger and have been searching for hints and tips on writing content, and your post is exactly what I need for my blogging journey!

    However, outsourcing is something I wouldn’t want to try because I would much rather achieve online success off my own back, rather than other peoples words.

    Now I just need to find my own writing style 🙂


    1. Hi Neil, thanks for the comments and glad you were able to get something from the article. I do agree with you about using outsourced material … Im not personally for it either, but its an option available.

      All the best for your writing.


  2. Hey James,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I often struggle with writing content and it seems like I have really good ideas in my head but when I sit to pen them down I end up staring at a blank page. For now, I usually just set a timer and keep writing as much as I can and then when I have a rough frame work I spend editing and fine tuning it.

    I just have one question about keywords, I am so focused on writing content that I often forget about keywords. How often do you think I should repeat keywords without affecting the quality of the content.

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for your feedback. Im a bit like you, I write a page of content then take a break and come back and edit it. I find the break gives me a clear perspective.

      With keywords, dont go trying to fit them in too much. You want each article to target one keyword which you’ll try to fit in in the first paragraph. The fit it in again where you can without it looking forced. Thats my take on it.

      thanks again and all the best with your writing.


      1. Hey James,
        Actually reading this post really inspired me and I said to myself, anybody who is anybody can write but to be really good at creating helpful and meaningful content takes time, patience and practices. Loads and loads of practice.

        I created a very basic outline the message I wanted my audience to receive and I stuck to it. When I was done I tried to squeeze in a keyword or two (I never thought I could use the headline to squeeze the keyword as well).

        I still get stuck sometimes and I walk away, take a break and work at it 🙂

  3. Hi James,
    Your article was great inspiration for me to continue working hard on my writing. As I am particularly not so good at putting my thoughts down in words, it is good to rewrite. Moreover, it is sometimes good to have someone else read over it because they may see something you missed. Thank you again for all the great information to help me when writing on my website.
    Yours Truly,

    1. HI Carlton, i pleased you got something out of the article. A lot of people, including myself, have a hard time with writing. But I’m finding it gets easier and now I really love it.

      All the best to you.

      cheers James

  4. Very impressive mate

    This is an area that I think alot of us worry about and was nice to have a quick retrain.

    Nice presentation and precise content. Thats what I like.
    You didnt waffle which would have been a surprise after you said, dont waffle. lol.

    Loving the ‘ what is ‘ page. Very colourful and bright pictures.
    Nice occasional mention of WA was a positive too.

    Looking forward to seeing more.


    1. Thanks Zed, I appreciate your comments and pleased that you enjoyed the article. You know I go back to this article all the time to remind myself of what I should be doing … especially when I start to waffle !

      cheers mate


  5. Hello James Great review of how to write content. I sometimes get a writer via outsourcing and as you mention but I usually rewrite what they send me however it’s gets me writing because I have something to work from and I can put my own touch to it and I find this works very well whenever I get stuck for content. Anyhow great points and some good pointers Cheers 🙂

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your comments. Yes I have the same issue with outsourced content and have to re write it too. Am yet to find someone who can do it like I want it .. let me know if you find someone.

      cheers James

  6. Hi James, we who are not native English speakers are doomed. Regardless how much we try it can never look like a text of a native speaker. Finding somebody to read it for me cannot work, I do not have anybody, and paying is not an option. Sounds pessimistic altogether but that is reality.

    Just as a curiosity, about the title of the last section, was it ‘spelt rongly’ on purpose? Best regards.

    1. Hi there, yes I can understand that there would be some difficulties for non native english speakers. In fact english is a silly language at times and even native speakers have trouble. Sentences just need to make sense mainly – that is the point. Ha… and yes it is ‘spelled incorrectly’ on purpose. My sense of humour get away with me at times.

  7. Great basic guide to content writing. I tend to brainstorm first, just basically vomit my ideas on paper. This usually just takes a few minutes. Then I prioritize the ideas by putting a number beside each one. Then I write.

    If I get stuck, I go for a brief walk, but take a pocket notebook with me to capture ideas along the way.

    As you mentioned, just about any system will work as long as you refuse to get stuck. It’s important to stay relaxed. That’s the only way the ideas will come.

    I’m also a big fan of Grammarly. I write faster knowing Grammarly will catch my mistakes.

    1. Yes, brainstorming is a great way to get those ideas out.. I tend to just put down an idea and then write whatever comes to me then edit it all up into an article. And yes, thank goodness for Grammarly – also a big fan.

      cheers James

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