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make money Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate marketing practice in which a business rewards an affiliate for each visitor or customer sale achieved by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Simply, affiliate marketing is a method by which you can promote the products and services of others without holding stock or dealing directly with the customer When a visitor buys that product or service through your affiliate link you will get a determined amount of commission. The s merchant will give you the commission based on the value of the products you have sold.

How Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing overlaps with other web marketing methods to some degree because affiliates frequently use varied advertising methods.

Those methods incorporate organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click), email marketing, substance marketing and in some sense display advertising.

Affiliates sometimes use different techniques within their sites such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner.

Affiliate Marketing

The most important thing about affiliate marketing is to select products that you think are going to help your customers. Don’t attempt to sell products that are overstated in price or have a poor quality reputation.

By promoting well-priced, quality products and services you are more likely to retain your customer loyalty and trust and get repeat sales. No one likes bad reviews or comments – bad for business.

Basic Steps to Affiliate Marketing

You can earn in diverse ways through affiliate marketing. When you select a product from an affiliate program to sell, the seller gives you a code which you will use for tracking generated traffic.

Most affiliate programs will give you readymade content links, banners, and forms where you will put your personal code (most affiliate groups automate this now). You copy their HTML code into your site, which will display a link to the affiliate product with your personal tracking code.

When interested buyers click on the link placed on your site then they will automatically divert to the product site. In the event that they buy products or visit the site that you advance, you will get a commission.

It is not important to sell products to get a commission because there are various types of affiliate programs which will give you commission in different ways.

Pay per Sale

Using this method, you will get a commission when buyers buy the products through your affiliate link, as discussed above.

Pay per Click

In this method, you will get a commission when visitors visit the merchant site from your affiliate link. In this program, the product may sell or not but you will get a commission regardless based on the click-through to the merchant’s site.

Pay per Lead

In this program, you will get a commission when visitors fill in the contact forms in the merchant sites after diverting from your affiliate site.

Effective Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

From the start, you need to understand that you will not get rich overnight. Putting into place some effective strategies for affiliate marketing will certainly help you on your way to earning.

Affiliate marketing is comparatively easy among all the internet-earning methods. You don’t have to learn any complex coding like web development but here your communication skills are the main area that you need to concentrate on and develop.

Would you really like to earn money from affiliate marketing? Can you be a successful affiliate marketer? It’s up to you.  If you have confidence and can put in the effort, then you can make it work.

The number one strategy is to treat this as a business. If you want to earn money from it, as you would expect from a business, then you need to give it the time and respect that it needs. Poking around the edges and expecting the money to fall out of thin air, then complaining when you don’t earn a dollar, is just wasted energy.

The number two strategy is to give it time. When you put in the effort – planning your website, finding your niche and researching it, writing good content ( not just one article, you need plenty), developing your networks and driving traffic to your website, then things will happen.

So how much money can I earn?

what is affiliate marketing

Earning possibilities are whatever you might want them to be. However, your earning potential will grow in line with the traffic volume going through your website.

Consider this as an example so you can get an idea of some lower averages.

Imagine your website gets 1000 clicks within a month.  That’s roughly 33 clicks a day – which an achievable target once you get things up and running.

Out of these 1,000 clicks, you get a 20% click-through rate to your affiliate links.  That’s 200 clicks on your affiliate links in a month.

Example 1:  If 1 in 50 people end up buying something (2%)  then you will have made 4 sales

Example 2:  If 1 in 20 people end up buying (5%) – quite realistic – then you will have made 10 sales.

Let’s say the product you are linked to pays $30 per sale in commission ( that’s a typical number) then you will have earned $120 from Example 1  and $300 from Example 2.

OK, Doesn’t sound that impressive, but these are conservative numbers and just one month. This traffic is going to increase and continue to convert into sales year-round.

Now, as you go along and you work on building your site and becoming an authority and building your feeder traffic you will start to reach a point where you are seeing heaps of traffic hitting your site, let’s say up to 100+ clicks a day.

You might have also connected to stores that are offering $100+ per sale in affiliate commissions ( they are out there – just depends on the products you target)

100 clicks per day equal roughly 3000 clicks per month

If you maintain that 20% average click-through rate then you are getting 600 people each month clicking on your affiliate links. Based on Example 2 above 1 in 20 conversions into a sale = 30 sales at around $100+- is $3000 in commission for that month – that’s $36,000 per year on one website.

Build your rankings and traffic to your site – this is what generates your potential income.

You might also hear stories of people who have earned $1,000/day off of a single keyword (It can be done and is a possibility for you).

Why do Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is considered the most dynamic and the best internet marketing technique for web earning.

Cost-effective: Affiliate marketing is easily managed as you don’t have any production and quality control costs. You don’t need an office and you don’t have to have staff.

Global market: If you are a traditional marketer then you are limited geographically or locally to sell your products. Through the internet, your affiliate marketing business can sell products all over the world.

So, can you make money with affiliate marketing? The answer is yes. It’s just not the get-rich-quick scenario that a lot of people think. It is, however, a legitimate business that can create a substantial income over time.

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