Website and Hosting for Free – Is it Really Possible?

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Is it Possible to Get a Website and Hosting For Free?

How exciting would it be if you knew that you could get a website and hosting for free when you start out in a new online business? This is something that you should try to seek out in the early stages of setting up a business. Being able to set up a website for free will give you a great head start and will allow you the opportunity to test it at no cost.

Starting a New Business on a Tight Budget

How to save moneyA lot of people need to start out on a tight budget when they set up a business. Often the search for ‘something different’, like an online business, is started to help supplement another income. You might relate to that!

Others are looking for a new direction in life. But starting a new business can be daunting. If you can set up ‘shop’ with minimal initial expenses, it can make the whole experience less stressful.

Shiny Things and Tricks

ways on how to avoid scams onlineThe internet world has become littered with “opportunities” that are not there to help you. It goes without saying really, that you want to stay clear of any of the get rich quick schemes. It just leads to heartache and potentially a costly error.

Some are easy to spot, and other are harder to find.

I tend to give the odd ‘suspect’ deal a bit of a  look. But alarm bells ring when I have to present my credit card before I really get to know what I am getting.  It doesn’t mean that all opportunities that require advanced payment are bad. But if you can get the same or far better without paying, isn’t that the better option?

It doesn’t mean that all opportunities that require advanced payment are bad. But if you can get the same or far better without paying, isn’t that the better option?

Don’t Pay Upfront If You Can Avoid It.

The key is to find a program that will allow you to set up an account and look around their entire offerings without paying upfront. Sure, after you have inspected the site and like what you see, you would expect that they will require some money at some stage, right!  After all .. we all have to eat!

I came across Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago after I had yet again invested in a network marketing business that I had no real interest in.

Stupid, I know.

But I had been desperate to work for myself for a long time. I wanted to break out of the 9-5 (actually I was working more like 7 – 7) for my fixed income.  Earning good money was cool – good 6 figure incomes, but zero satisfaction.

I knew that it was possible to make money online as I knew some people who were doing this already.

Affiliate Marketing is the Choice of Online Activities

Immediately I was wary of this new opportunity. Affiliate marketing was not totally new to me, but I was not going to be taken for a ride again.

So first up I was able to create a starter membership account for free. No request for credit cards.  This gave me access to website design tools that enabled me to immediately create 2 websites with free hosting. But what I really loved was the training. I am big on training. I love to learn new stuff and go over things that I think I know but maybe don’t.

Find a Program That Ticks The Boxes

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Free Websites, Hosting, Training and Support

Website and Hosting for Free Wealthy Affiliate program gave me access to the free websites, hosting and the first essential modules of training. The training is very well set out with written coursework backed up with video tutorials.


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The courses and tutorials are all very easy to follow and give you all the step by step instruction that you need.

I remained working on my free websites for a month before I decided to take it all to the next level and pay for a premium account. This gave me access to a huge amount of additional training, mentoring and support. So for me, it was really worth it.

I actually purchased an annual membership subscription because I wanted to ensure that I stuck at it. Also, you get a pretty big discount for annual subs.

No Upselling – Just Heaps of Tools to Use.

The other great thing about this Wealthy Affiliate program is that there is no upselling. Everyone is offered the same price and get the same service. You don’t have to pay additional fees to get to ‘the next level’. There is only one level.

See the chart below. It shows you what you get for free and what you get once you upgrade to Premium.

Get Your Starter Website and Hosting for Free

Ok, so yes it is totally possible to get a website and hosting for free. What’s more, you can turn it into a profitable business if that is your desire.

The next thing for you to do is give it a go and create a free starter membership, take a look around the Wealthy Affiliate program and start creating your free websites. I am pretty confident you will enjoy yourself and want to progress further.

However, if you want out, then you just stop and you have paid nothing. It’s all too easy!

Click below to set up your free account.  Leave a comment below if you have some experiences that you want to share.

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