What About Starting An Online Business – Time For Change?

what about starting an online business

Tips to Starting a Successful Home Based Business

If you are tired of your conventional 9 – 5 job and want to take on a new challenge, what about starting an online business? This is a great idea to exploit. You will have lots of freedom, happiness and opportunities to explore without answering to any boss.


what about starting an online businessAnd, you can start in your own time without having to give up the 9 – 5 until you are ready.


To get started, you will only need a laptop, internet connection and small office home office equipment.


You can buy a decent laptop or an updated workstation by searching for the best laptop deals online.


After setting up your working space, you can venture into the world of online businesses – like affiliate marketing.


What About Starting an Online Business like Affiliate Marketing?


This presents a great opportunity for you to make money online from home. It is a form of marketing where a business owner does not promote or sell their products, you do it for them.


How to Build free websitesYou are the affiliate and will be entitled to receiving a commission from the business owners.


The payment ranges from a few cents on smaller items to thousands of dollars on bigger items like real estate. Typically, the commission ranges from 3-20% for physical items, 20% to 75% on software, online services or e-books. This applies to situations where the seller’s marginal cost is almost zero.


Merchants are using affiliate marketers to sell their services and products on their behalf. It increases their marketing reach to potential new customers that the affiliates attract to their own websites.


Individual affiliate marketers understand certain languages, appeal to specific people or cultures or have an expertise that brings customers their way.


The affiliate marketer adds value between the customer and the merchant through content marketing. Plus the level of problem-solving and customer assistance that the affiliate marketer brings to the table.


How to Be an Affiliate


You can start your online business journey by becoming an affiliate. All you need is to create a website that will be your base for marketing and selling products and services that belong to the sellers.

what is the best internet business

Affiliate marketing is a great business model as you do not deal with the products and services you market directly.


But understand that you will have to work hard to create a market for the products and services that you intend to advertise on behalf of the businesses that stock and offer them.


Affiliate marketing is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ but it is a legitimate business option that can be created easily with effort and time.


Advantages of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing allows you to pick your website niches or topics. Your niche will generally be something that you have a high level of interest in or something that you are pretty good at or know a lot about.


You have the freedom to write about anything you like and know about to make more sales and generate a good profit.


As an example, you can decide to market small office home office equipment, given the high number of people thinking about working from home.


BloggingThis is a topic that you might have a lot of knowledge about if you are undergone the same experience.


You will sell products to an audience that is highly targeted. This is what ‘Niche’ affiliate marketing is about.


You can market as many products as you like on your website. You don’t have to be good at sales either, that should not be the point. The key is to generate traffic to your site and then you will sell more products and services thereby generating more revenue.

Good affiliate marketing websites are used as references. 

The key to good affiliate marketing websites is to create an environment where you are providing assistance to your readers and not just trying to flog them a product. They are more likely to come back to your site for information rather than just a one hit sale.


Affiliate marketing is scalable meaning that the higher the number of visitors you get, the higher your earnings. So you focus should be on getting traffic to your site and not selling a product.


As an affiliate, you are very flexible as you can promote one product or diversify among a number of vendors. You will be able to jump on any hot topics that arise suddenly like best laptop deals online, which you can capitalise on with your new website.


Additionally, If you are proactive you can capitalise on trends or high relevance niches.


How do you make Money with Affiliate Marketing?


When you decide to become an affiliate marketer, you should look for a platform that will assist you in building your online business, with the tools and training necessary to succeed.


Read my review on my number 1 recommended online marketing resource.


You can create a significant income for yourself through affiliate marketing.


You need to find a topic that you have an interest in, understand it well and match it to a commercial service or product to sell.

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Following on from this, your next step will be finding a vendor from networks that are dedicated to affiliates. These are affiliate programs. Some of the affiliate programs can manage hundreds of merchants, so by affiliating with them you can get access to all these merchants.


On the whole, you must be resourceful and motivated to find the right networks online. It is also possible to negotiate directly for a deal with a business under your niche. Some merchants manage their own affiliate programs and can be more lucrative.


Check out some of the big online merchants, like Amazon.com, Clickbank.com and Ebay. They have great affiliate programs and cater for all sorts of niches.


You will need a website. Additionally, you then need to generate lots of traffic to the website through blogs, social media, using SEO techniques to optimise it as well as adding valuable content.


What about starting an online business using an affiliate marketing model ? You can learn more about affiliate marketing in 2016 here.


So, setting yourself up as an affiliate marketer is not hard if you are determined and have the right tools and training.


I am a full time online and smartphone marketing business owner. If you would like me to help you set up an online business click above and create a free account and we can start from there.






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