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Why start an online business

Why Start an Online Business Now?

What Was Your ‘Aha!’ Moment? Have you ever had that moment in time when you have realised that things have to change? Why start an online business? Are there really opportunities there?   You may have been comfortable in your job, working your 8 hours a day and collecting your pay packet at the end of the week or fortnight. Maybe you are working yourself into an early grave and…

what is inbound marketing about

Empower Your Customers With Inbound Marketing Websites

What is Inbound Marketing About? And how do you empower your clients by using  inbound marketing websites? Wow, ok so what does all that mean? To get the idea of what I am talking about here I’ll break this down into 4 stages. Firstly … what is inbound marketing about? Inbound marketing is a process of getting your business FOUND by the customer. What do you think would give you…

ICANGet2 Review

ICANGet2 Review – Mobile Apps for Business Owners

ICANGet2 Review     The details. Name of Business:  ICANGet2 Product:  The ‘Silent Salesman’ Mobile Marketing App.  Customisable to your business requirements so you can promote what you wish. Cost:    As an affiliate only (no app, just reseller) – Free                As an active user and reseller – $US 14.95 per month Ownership:  CEO Mike Glaspie (aka Mike G) The Business Opportunity:   …

real online business opportunities

Real Online Business Opportunities – They Do Exist

Aren’t Real Online Business Opportunities All Free? Recently, I have been writing a lot about setting up online businesses using affiliate marketing as the basis for the business. Affiliate Marketing is one of the few real online business opportunities that can provide you with an ongoing, sustainable income stream.   But the problem that I have found is that many, and really I mean the vast majority of people, that…


How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing – The Greatest Revelation

Understanding how Affiliate Marketing Works I recently read an article in Forbes magazine online that dated back to 2014. It covered some of the myths about affiliate marketing. One of the key points that I read was that affiliate marketing requires work and effort to make it a successful business.   That is certainly something that I can attest to as my introduction to affiliate marketing has shown me.  …

start a small online business at home

How to Start a Small Online Business at Home and What Gear You’ll Need

Start a Small Online Business at Home If you find yourself dreaming of starting your own online business from home, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is that there are definitely some legitimate opportunities around to help start a small online business at home and available to you right now. The dose of reality comes when you realise exactly how much effort you are going to have to put…

grammarly free trial

Grammarly Free Trial or Should I Upgrade to Premium?

The Grammarly Free Trial Having just reviewed a few of my older articles and found copious mistakes using my Grammarly free trial, I thought it prudent to mention this program for students and avid writers.   How Often Do You Write? I am not sure at what point you can call yourself a professional writer.   I mean, my grandfather wrote six published novels, countless short stories, was a journalist…

starting up a new business

Starting Up A New Business – Get Success Through Affiliate Marketing

How to Start An Affiliate Marketing Business There are two main reasons why people have trouble succeeding when starting up a new business? Knowledge and Money!  If you are starting up your own business these are the two things that you will need. For starters, you must know what you are doing. And you also need to have some funds available to you to invest and set up your business….