What is Jaaxy?

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

What is Jaaxy? This article is a ‘what is Jaaxy keyword tool’ review for beginners in internet marketing.

For people who are are involved in online content marketinghaving the right tools available to assist with keyword selection is a major asset in your business.

Good SEO research tools are required for selection of best ranking keywords for your articles, blogs, picture text and domain names.

Total Keyword Management System

Jaaxy does a lot more than just help select keywords. It is a keyword management tool for tracking your keyword researches and allowing you to store research history.

What is jaaxy

Being able to refer to your saved history of your research reduces the time you have to spend performing search tasks.

What is Jaaxy? The program also lets you analyze keywords and their performance within Google, Bing and Yahoo so you can view what keyword strings are ranking under the different search engines.

The Brainstorm feature enables you to select some keyword strings for a particular niche. These can be used to generate a host of suggested keyword ideas with their performance result expectations.

Niche Selection Made Easy

Jaaxy can also help you select viable niches through the results from any keyword search that you plug in. This helps you to make informed decisions about selecting high-ranking, low competition keywords to a fit niche that you might want to work with.

This works also for domain names for your chosen niche. Jaaxy can tell you if a domain name is available with the keyword string you select.

Analytical Data

What is Jaaxy

The Keyword search results will highlight the number of searches per month on a keyword selection.

Also, the number of competitive sites using this keyword, the expected number of visitors you would get to your site if you made page 1. And the percentage likelihood of you reaching the first page using that keyword.

This is highly valuable data for making the best keyword choices for your content. Plus it provides you with an accurate, comprehensive competition matrix.

Understanding what competition a keyword has in a search engine is one of the most important pieces of information you can have.

If you don’t know how may other websites are ranking for the keyword you want to use, you cannot be sure that you will get any ranking result with your content.

Jaaxy will let you now if a domain name is available within your keyword search and then will link you through to Site Domains to purchase the domain if you want to secure it for a particular niche.

Free Trial

Jaaxy has a free sign up account that allows you 30 keyword searches to trial the program.

You can then take out a premium account subscription that is $19 per month that gives you full access to the Jaxxy system and unlimited keyword searches.

An enterprise upgrade is $49 per month ( current special price)  and is available for power users, giving you lightning speed keyword results and analysis and much more.

What is Jaaxy? If you want to do domain flipping – buying and selling domain names for profit, Jaaxy enterprise will help with that.  One keyword can lead to thousands of dollars in profit each year, as can well-bought domain names.

Site Analysis

What is JaaxyUnderstanding how your keywords are ranking for your website content in an instant is another feature of this program. By entering the keywords that you want to check you can bring up results in seconds of where they are ranking within search engines.

The other good news is that they have an affiliate program that offers excellent commissions on the monthly and enterprise fees. You will also find excellent top class training tutorials on the Jaaxy site. This will help you get full and proper use from the program.

Jaaxy is worth a try if you are not currently using a dedicated keyword research tool. The results are excellent and you will find this to be one of those tools that is used daily.


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