Online Business For Sale

online business for sale

Buy and Online Business or Start Your Own?

online business for saleAre You Looking For An Online Business For Sale? Are you looking to buy an online business? What is the ideal business that you are looking for and what do you expect to pay for it?  What is it that motivates you to be looking for an online business for sale in the first place?

You might have the answer to some of these questions. They are things to think about for sure.  Are you looking to buy an existing business or start something of your own?


An Online Business for Sale

What if I said you could buy a business start-up that you can work yourself for around $359 per year. I can’t guarantee an income from it, but if you can work at it and give it time and effort you have the potential to earn an exceptional income.

People are doing it right now.

There are people who have started this business in the last 6- 9 months who are now earning good money. Some are earning $500 a month, some $1000 and some $10,000+ per month. Real people earning real money. What you earn largely depends on what you want to achieve and how much time you apply to it.


What Sort of Work Will I Do ?

This business structure is pretty straight forward.

It requires you to build and maintain a website that is based on your passion, or hobby or sport you love – whatever you want – whatever your niche idea might be.

Make Money from a websiteYou will need to write articles that can help people to learn about your niche or give them answers to questions or problems that they can relate to.

You can add videos to your website and pictures if you like. This is known as content, and it is what drives your visitors to your site.

You don’t have to be a writer to do this.

I was not a writer, probably still not, but I write about the things I know, in layman’s terms, so everyone can understand it easily. And I follow training that is available to help me out, step by step.


Sounds Ok, But What Is It?

It is not a get rich scheme and it is not an MLM system.

The industry is affiliate marketing – advertising and selling other companies products and services online and making a commission through content websites and blogs.

The concept is simple; the business is totally legitimate. In fact, it is a regular marketing technique employed by some of our major companies, many you will know well and maybe even buy through already. Amazon, Kmart, Ebay, just as simple examples. Tens of thousands of products and companies that you can choose from to deal with.


Free Trail ?

A wealthy affiliate ReviewWhat if I said you could trial the business for free to see if you liked it. No credit cards, no money down, no contracts.

What would you have to loose?

And even more so, what could you have to gain?

If you don’t like it, you just stop and walk away. But if you get hooked, like most of us do, then you could create an online business that will set you up for the rest of your life.

So are you still after an online business for sale or do you want to just start your own?


Training and Support for New Business Owner?

And what if I said that you could get training and support for free as well while you trial your business, and when you decide to invest in it, the training and support continue with it in bucket loads.

It just gets better and better.

home based business costs

Anyway, I am just putting it out there to you. I would also love to help you out with this and introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

WA is the program I use to build, manage and host my affiliate marketing websites.

They have access to thousands of WordPress website templates and their initial training makes it easy to set up your first website, even without any knowledge of design, IT or affiliate marketing.

The Wealthy Affiliate University then leads you through structured courses to help you get your site looking professional, content filled and monetised. I have a review on this program that can give you the run down on all the bells and whistles.

My Recommendation

So, I’d like to recommend this option to you. Instead of looking for an online business for sale perhaps you can build your own online business and offer it for sale in the future if you want.

Please feel free to comment on this below and leave me a question or your thoughts on this.


About the Author. James is a full time online marketing consultant who owns and contributes to a number of websites that help people get started in their own online business. If you want to know more this is where you can get started online.

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