Online Business for Entrepreneurs

online business for entrepreneurs

What is the Best Online Business for Entrepreneurs?

Do you want to become an online entrepreneur?  Did you know that the best online business for entrepreneurs is the easiest to get started?  I know that the word entrepreneur sometimes freaks people out. They think that ‘title’ is reserved for big business people who have heaps of money to invest.

I know that the word entrepreneur sometimes freaks people out. They think that ‘title’ is reserved for big business people who have heaps of money to invest.

Well, I can tell you know, that isn’t the case. In fact, anyone can be an entrepreneur if the put your mind to it. And I’d like to show you how to become an online entrepreneur without having to invest your life savings.

Online business for antrepreneur

In fact, anyone can be an entrepreneur if the put your mind to it. And I’d like to show you how to become an online entrepreneur without having to invest your life savings.

Actually, you can do this without spending much at all and even better still I want to show you a way that you can start a business online without paying any money to start up.

One of the greatest things about an online business is that you are working for yourself and you can run your business from home – or where ever you can get an internet access.

Today, and for the past year and a half, I have been working in my own business. Now I own an online business and also have a mobile phone marketing app franchise that I run remotely.

I am an Entrepreneur

I work from home and create an income from my online business doing affiliate marketing.  This is where I have websites that sell niche products online. But I don’t actually have any physical products.

online business for entrepreneurs

You see, I have affiliate relationships with merchants who let me advertise their products and services. When an item sells from one of my advertising links, I get a commission.

It literally cost me less than $400 start this business.. and the first few months I didn’t pay anything.

My motivation for starting this business has a number of angles. You might relate to some yourself.

I have had a few of my own businesses in the past, bricks and mortar businesses that have required an office, capital outlay and long hours of hard work. But for many years now I have been involved in contract management work.

In my last ‘job,’ managing a shipping and export company, I worked for a very wealthy, micro-manager who I argued with constantly.

I gave him his job back and decided then that I would not work for anyone else again. So I have a lot riding on my new online businesses.

And So Far, So Good.

I haven’t lost that entrepreneur spirit that I had before – dating back to when I left school and started my own mowing business. Maybe you have that same spirit!

Start online business for freeSo now, one of my major business goals is to teach others about online business for entrepreneurs. People, like you and me. People who maybe need some extra money to top up their wages or those who have an idea but not sure how to get it going, and others who want a full-time profitable online business of their own.

Affiliate marketing has been hailed as one of the top entrepreneurial endeavours of this age. And it is perfectly suited for the new online entrepreneur.

And right here and now is the best time to get into and start an online marketing business.

There are currently over 2.5 billion people who have access to the internet. And that number is growing at a staggering rate every year.  The world’s population is just short of 8 billion at the moment so there is still a lot of growth to happen online.

You be that Entrepreneur

And it all starts with an idea or even better still, with a passion – your niche.

Online business for entrepreneursIf you have a passion, a hobby, a sport or something that you are knowledgeable about then you have the first 90% of what you need to get started today in your own online business.

Finding your niche idea is the main part of this business.

Develop your Entrepreneurial Skills

As I have shown above, anyone can become an entrepreneur. But to be a successful one, online, you need to develop some processes that will enable you to make money.

One of the key differences that successful people do, that others don’t do, is to identify ideas that are not working and move on to the next.

Online business for entrepreneursI was listening recently to an interview with a very successful Canadian online entrepreneur and business coach.  He spoke at length about how successful people understand that sometimes things don’t go right in business.

But rather than hold on and pour more time and effort in, the successful people that he coached were able to let go and start up again on another idea.

He also reiterated that this is all part of a process. The process of developing an idea, testing the idea (using all the available options on the internet ) and working the idea until it can function profitably.

If it doesn’t work – move on to the next. The repeat the process.

Another major point that he made was that affiliate marketing is the pick of online businesses that he promotes for income generation. And it can be started for the lowest cost out of all other types of businesses.

Finding and testing your Niche ideas is the key. Before you start to develop websites. Essentially, your business is niche marketing.

Training, Mentoring and Support

As a new entrepreneur, the smartest thing you can do is to engage in as much training about your business that you can find.  Also, associating with peers and in particular, successful peers who can help mentor you.

The platform, that I am personally a member of, offers extensive training programs and second to none support. The community style atmosphere that has been created on the website offers you access to thousands of members who can help out and advise when you need it.

online business for entrepreneur

This is the site made for online entrepreneurs. Those who are new and just starting up through to the established online marketers who use the site for their website hosting and site management facilities.

Would You like to Become an Online Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is THE online business for entrepreneurs. And Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is THE  All-in-One platform that you can use for your new business.

If you want the opportunity to take on your own online marketing business then take up a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate and look through the program and training.

You will also have access to a live forum where you can ask questions and get advice. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics on how to start

This is a great opportunity to learn the basics on how to start an online business for free before you go spending any money.

You can set up 2 free websites and follow the step by step instruction that helps you get it up and running as soon as possible. Then get started on the training modules that will take you through all you need to create a money making online business.

Please feel free to look through my website  and read the reviews and my short training sessions. Leave a comment or contact me if you want more information.

Alternatively, if you just want to dive in and check out the WA website you can see more of what they offer in their membership.

Start online marketing now

6 thoughts on “Online Business for Entrepreneurs”

  1. Hi James,

    I just bumped into your website. WA is a very good place to start your online entrepreneurship journey. No matter your current level, you just dive into a wealth of (practical) information and you have an up and running business within minutes, which, you can develop at your own pace.

    I will definitely bookmark your site and come back for more useful information like this.


    1. Hi George, thanks for visiting the website. I glad that it has been of use to you. WA has certainly provided everything I have needed to run my online business. cheers James

  2. Great info James, Making the jump to be an entrepreneur seems to really be working for you congrats, so does Wealthy affiliate allow others to assist me in building my online business or does it have to be the person who introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate.?

    1. Hi Ken, I love the idea of being an entrepreneur. Yes, Wealth Affiliate have a number of ways that you can get assistance, it doesn’t have to be from the source you were introduced from. It is not like network marketing – you don’t have uplines or need to recruit etc. There is a whole community of successful people in WA who can help. You can follow them, just like social media and learn from them, or chat on the live forum, or send questions directly to people.

  3. Thanks for the post, Ken. I loved it. You fired your boss. That’s what happens when bosses don’t live up to their employees’ expectations. It seems as though the internet and entrepreneurship has become an “equalizer” when it comes to economic opportunity. The internet seems like the greatest meritocracy in history. And your post does a very good job laying out how Joe or Jane Average can leverage this powerful medium.

    1. HI Jeff and that for your comments on this article. The internet has certainly created some opportunities for online business ideas that would probably not have been viable prior to its existence. And yes, it was fun firing my boss, Lol !

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