Make Money From A Website

How to Build free websites

How to Make Money From A Website

The internet, in 2016 and beyond, is set to grow exponentially year on year. So the opportunity to make money from a website has become more realistic.

10 years ago, companies made websites to showcase their business, products, and services. The focus was heavily on the business. It was more of a web presence back then. Companies needed to be on the internet to show they were with the times.

These days eCommerce, affiliate marketing, online marketing .. they are all the buzz words and they all relate to making money from websites.

And the opportunity now for individuals to make money from a website is better than ever.

With the rise of affiliate marketing, individuals are able to set up an online business for themselves.

By taking a passion or hobby, they can create a website about it and monetize it. Before they know it they can make money from a website they designed around their favorite topic.

Make Money from a website

Monetizing – Make Money From A Website

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest models for an individual to follow in order to make money from a website.

The process of affiliate marketing involves linking to a merchant, through website links, that readers can click on and get directed back to the merchant.  Once the reader buys something from the merchant you get a commission. It’s pretty straight forward.

Make money from a websiteBut the key is to get traffic volume to your website. For you to make money from a website you need to have people visiting your site often.

You make this happen by turning your website into an authority on your subject. Ok, so that sounds a bit difficult, but in reality, it isn’t unachievable.


Content Marketing – Developing Online Relationships

To make money from a website you need to add content, and regularly. Creating good content will entice readers to follow you and browse your website. The content that you put on your website needs to be relevant to the Niche. The niche is the topic that your website is based on.make money from a website

In online marketing terms, they talk about niches often. A niche is something specific, and in websites, it refers to a very specific targeted topic.

We use Niches in affiliate marketing in order to target an ‘interested group’. When you are marketing, there is no point talking to a baker if you want to sell diesel engine parts.


How Does This help Me Make Money From A Website?

So, going back to your passion or hobby – if you want to make money from a website that you design based on these, you need to try to limit the subject of your site to target a specific market.

What you want to do is aim to build a trusted relationship with your readers by being an authority, or expert on your subject. It is easier to be an authority on one topic that on 10.

Make money from a website

For example – if you are a guru at baseball and you want to make money from a website based on this, you can target the site towards a topic within the sport.

Let’s say you know a bit about bats. There are so many different bats that you could write reviews on; do ‘how to hit properly’ video sessions and instructions; choosing best sizes; what league player uses what bat etc, etc.

If you can find a need within your niche then you are on your way. If you write articles in a teaching, helping, empathetic way then you will see your articles start to rank on internet search engines.


Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking at starting an online business you will benefit from expert industry training. To make money from a website the easiest way possible, affiliate marketing would be the best option to go for.  And you will need support and assistance whenever possible to make it happen.

Make Money from a website The best assistance will come from an online community-based affiliate marketing program,

This site is used by hundreds of thousands of members as their dashboard for their website hosting, training and support.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has a huge reputation on the internet for their community-based support and mentoring along with structured training courses, tutorials, and video training.

WA has a free starter membership which provides you with 2 free websites and hosting to get you on your way to make money from a website of your own.

They offer you 7 days free online support and assistance to help you build your website and get into the free training modules. Their introductory first month’s premium membership is $19 and then $49 per month or $359 per year.

Make money from a websiteAs a professional affiliate marketer, I subscribe to the annual membership because it works out cheaper and I don’t have to worry about monthly payments when I know I am in it for the long haul.


If you are keen to make money from a website of your own and start a new online venture, then feel free to browse my website and free training sessions and then go create yourself a free website and trial the WA program.


All the best – go make money from a website!

9 thoughts on “Make Money From A Website”

  1. Hi James,
    After learning a bit about affiliate marketing I’ll never look at the internet the same way again 🙂 Monetization is everywhere! I too want to make money from a website. it doesn’t have to be an outrageous amount…just something to help pay the bills and free up some time. Content is key and traffic is king. Without those two things, its like you’ve leased and stocked a shop in the middle of nowhere (without any roads!). How long have you been in the affiliate marketing business?

    1. Hi Alyssa, thank for reading the article. As you see, the way the internet is used is evolving. Its different today that it was 10 years ago. Now you need to be constant with content and work at generating traffic through your site. As with Bricks and Mortar shops you need critical mass to make money – that is, you have to have access to volumes of people who want what you are offering. Online, you build your roads to your store through keyword-targeted content. And it doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time.

      I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for around 10 months. Prior to that, I had websites that were monetized ( I didn’t even know it was called affiliate marketing then) that supported my bricks and mortar business. I have learned a lot and have reduced the number of sites I manage to just a couple now as I had myself spread too thin. Focusing my time is paying dividends.

      cheers James

  2. Hi James!

    I am interested in making some money online. WA seems like a proper opportunity. But I don’t understand how do you actually earn money and how long does it take?

    I’ve tried making money online before but it ended with me giving up because after few months I didn’t see any results, I’ve worked hard, invested around 300 euros and I understood how the system works but when it came to practical part – it looked like I’ll have to work another 10 years to make some income

    So, how does this goes?

    1. Hi there, WA is the best online opportunity I have seen. If you join up and access the training this is the best way to learn how to earn money. You can start for free and build a website whilst learning how to add content and monetise your site.

      It will take a bit of time to get your website traffic flowing, and depending on your niche, it can take several months, maybe a year, before you are making enough to say you are earning money. It is an opportunity but not a guarantee. Working through the training from start to finish and implement as many of the marketing processes that are taught is the best way to help you succeed. And continue to ask questions.

      Just today, someone said to me ‘If I dont do anything different, I will not fail”. I think those who succeed are the ones who do something different, and maybe fail occasionally along the way, but keep at it until they achieve their goals. cheers James

  3. Hi, I think I have seen this text on Reddit as well. Good advises about ways for making money from a website. Getting (tons of) traffic and building authority is truly essential as you rightly point out. I do add content regularly, this is what you are suggesting in the text. But the progress is so painfully slow. I would not mind if I would know there would be light ahead, but how to be sure?

    Did not understand the lines about interested groups where you say that there is no point talking to a baker if you want to sell diesel engine parts. You do not know who is going to read your text, you write it and that is it. What else can you do? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jovo, good to see my post is seen on reddit – I suppose this is an example of free traffic generation as well. Look, the process of building traffic is not a quick one. It takes search engines time to index your site and trust that your site is permanent and not a ‘one hit wonder’. But I see my traffic volumes increasing and that is encouraging to me. Definitely regularly adding content helps as it shows continuity to the search engines.

      My reference to ‘interested parties’ relates, figuratively speaking, mainly to developing a niche interest rather than a broad interest for your website. targeting your market and talking to interested audience. But yes, I know what you are saying … it is the WWW so literally everyone can see your text. thanks for your questions – hope I answered ok. cheers James

  4. Hey James,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. The numbers of people browsing on the internet are increasing day by day. They pretty much look for everything online. This is where website owners, bloggers come in. All they need to do is make sure they have what those people are searching. You want to be the solution for them.

    I do have a couple of questions though. Based on your experience, do you suggest new bloggers or business owner start using paid traffic as soon as they build their business or should they try using free traffic first?

    Regarding being an authority, let’s say I have enough knowledge on how to build a website, does that make me an expert even though I’m not? Will the visitor run away or lost their trust on me if I tell them I wouldn’t be able to answer their question on certain problems they have?

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds interesting. Would you mind explaining what do you mean by usually extended?

    1. Hi there Meina, thanks for you comments. You have asked some excellent questions, too, which I really appreciate. Firstly, no I don’t think new bloggers need to spend money on paid traffic straight up. There are other options to build traffic. Social media is one – posting you articles on facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin …they are all great sources of exposure and interaction. I also use IBOToolbox and a few free traffic exchange sites that help to generate volume through your site.

      You second question is an interesting one and I know what you are saying. The thing about developing authority on your website is being able to help your readers. You need to know your topic.There is no point or benefit in making stuff up as your readers will see right through it. However, if you know your topic but get stuck with a question that you are not sure of how to answer- being honest is the best policy, then find the answer, learn it and let you readers know what you have learned.

      And the “extended” comment relates really to the special offer $19 for the first month. This offer expires in 7 days by rule but I have seen it get extended to allow people a bit of time to join up under this offer. I might take that out as it is ambiguous.

      Hope these answer your questions. Let me know if you need more. cheers James

  5. Great post! It is so crazy how fast the internet has grown and still is growing. It’s crazy how many people shop online now. You are totally right by saying that the time is right for making money from your own website.

    I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for the last few months and love it. I like that I can choose what I want to promote or sell. And I get to write about what I want. I feel like it gives me the most freedom.

    How long have you been an affiliate marketer?

    Thank you for this information!


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