Learn How To Affiliate Marketing – 3 Most Important Tips

How to affiliate marketing

Learn How to Affiliate Marketing Tips


I want to touch on 3 of the most important tips that you can use if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is arguably one of the most cost effective online businesses that you can get into. It also offers the least risk to anyone who wants to give it a try, but not too sure if it is what they want to do.


The last thing you want to do in a new business is to sink a lot of money into something that you are not sure is what you want to do – especially during a testing phase where you want to test your niche concepts. You probably wouldn’t do it in a ‘bricks and mortar’ business, so don’t do it with an online business either.


Tip Number One 

Don’t spend money until you know where you are going.  On the internet it seems that every site you click on there is someone ready to take you money off you. But you can find online business platforms that offer significant value to the new and established internet marketer.


Look for the sites that give you extensive trials for free – free starter memberships, or free browsing of their site. This gives you a good look at what is available, what they are offering and if it will work for you without having to spend money.


Tip 1 – My #1 recommendation



Tip Number Two

The number two tip in your ‘learn how to affiliate marketing’ search is to look for training. Online marketing requires some understanding of the basics of creating websites, writing and adding engaging content – whether it be written or video content, and also monetizing and marketing your website.


So Number 2 Tip is to find an online platform that can offer you training and instruction on, at the very least, website building and adding content.  Finding training, in general, is not that hard. But finding GOOD structured, online training courses that are created JUST for online marketing – in particular, affiliate marketing – is the key to your success.


Tip 2  – My # 1 recommendation


How to affiliate marketing

Tip Number Three

That brings me to number 3 tip – Once you have started with creating your website and have added some really engaging content and fun, relevant information, it is time to market your website.


So referring back to Tip 1 – where you want to set up and test your websites for minimal cost or free, you should also look for some marketing sites that will enable you to start marketing for minimal cost or free.


Tip 3 is to use low cost or free marketing until you know you are on a winner. By all means spend money on advertising once you know you can start to make an income from your website idea, but I personally think you can test your sites potential worth by using some easily available sites.


IBOToolbox is certainly one of my key sites that I personally use. This is a marketing site for independent business owners to advertise and market their websites and business opportunities.


What is IBOToolbox


The people who access this site, and its associated social media platforms, are people looking for online business ideas.  So this is a targeted marketing program that you can access for free. IBOtoolBox also offers and affiliate program that enables you to benefit from others who you attract to this site.


Try Traffic Exchange Sites

Another option is using traffic exchange sites. These sites enable you to advertise your website and get it in front of thousands of people to drive traffic.  Driving traffic to your site helps to build authority and, ultimately, increase your search engine ranking.


Examples of free traffic exchange sites are the Wealth From Home Team site and the Traffic Ad Bar. These sites are both free and link to other sites that are also free. You can invest in upgrades at some stage with these and start to earn affiliate commissions.


Tip 3 – My #1 recommendation


Give It A Go

If you have any questions or need some further information on setting up an online business please feel free to investigate more on my website or contact me directly through my profile page.


If you want to set up a free starter membership account now and learn the how to affiliate marketing processes and the online business opportunities then click on the start button below.


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