Japan Travel Blog

Japan travel Blog

Can you create your own travel blog?

Next time you pack your bags and head off overseas, why not let the world know about it – or at the very least, tell your friends and family.  I created a Japan travel blog and ebook on my recent trip to Tokyo and Kyoto and have heaps of materials that I can use for a travel blog.  Just from 2 weeks away.

Japan Travel BlogTravel bloggers around the world are making significant incomes from their websites, allowing them to travel professionally – how good does that sound ?

Well, there is really nothing to stop you from doing this too.  It’s just a matter of creating a professional looking website and learning how to monetize it using affiliate marketing.


You don’t have to be a journalist

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a journalist or a professional writer to be a travel blogger.  If you can compose a letter or email home, then you can blog or compose articles for your website.

And if you have a smartphone or a modern camera, then you can also compose video blogs that you can post on your site as well.  I was amazed to see so many people walking around with selfie sticks and cameras filming themselves eating Green Tea Icecreams and sushi around the markets of Tokyo during my recent trip to Japan.

Travel blogs are easy to set up and maintain. Using the right platform that will provide you with websites, hosting and training, you cannot go wrong.  At Wealthy Affiliate,  you get this, plus more.  What is best is that you can set up your blog for free .. so there are no costs to start up and get your blog happening .. .this is the one part of your travel experience where you can actually put your credit card away.

It’s not until you decide to take your site to the next level and start selling affiliate deals and travel services … this is when you will want to upgrade to a premium account. But for now, get set up with a Free starter membership and start building your travel blog site.


Japan Travel Blog – You can do this.

Download my latest EBOOK – Japan Tourists Guide for Tokyo and Kyoto. You can do this too … and earn money from your own Ebooks.

About the Author – James is a professional affiliate marketer and online business adviser. His main focus is on assisting people to get set up in their own online businesses – like earning money through travel blogs. Learn more about affiliate marketing HERE and how you can get started today.


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