How to Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

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Finding Your Niche Business Idea

If you have been looking out for a great legitimate online business opportunity you will almost certainly have come across affiliate marketing. And one of the key questions that you might have observed is about how to find a niche for affiliate marketing businesses.

Affiliate marketing is all about niche marketing, and the first thing you will need to achieve is finding your niche business idea.

So, how to find a niche for affiliate marketing.

Any training that you look at regarding niche marketing tells us that the easiest niche you can choose is something that you are passionate about.

how to find a niche for affiliate marketing You might be passionate about sailing or golf. You might love dealing with animals and be passionate about your Persian cats or your Golden Retrievers.

These are all great ideas but are also considered to be pretty broad. To make these ideas niche, you would need to hone them down further to a very specific market.

You’ll want to ask yourself, what specifically do people want to know within this broader idea?

For example, the idea of Persian cats is a pretty cool subject. And to pick a niche idea from this would be to look at something that maybe people might have trouble with – specifically, like ‘grooming’ Persian cats – or how to groom Persian cats.

What this technically does is it targets a group of people out here in ‘Internet land’ who are looking for tips or help with grooming their beloved Persians. SO what you are doing is targeting a specific NICHE group of people with a specific ‘problem’ or requirements – being grooming.

Hence – Niche marketing.

Does this give you some ideas? let me know what you come up and leave a comment below.

I have a couple of niche websites now, but when I first started affiliate marketing I wasn’t really sure what niche to work on.

I came across while looking around for some niche ideas and found that they had an affiliate Bootcamp. This is pretty much an intensive course based on using ‘affiliate marketing’ as the basis of your niche.

So for me, I have a lot of experience in business development and sales. I love setting up new businesses or revitalising existing ones. You could say that this is my passion. So I have based my Niche on helping people set up their own online businesses.

Try the WA Affiliate Bootcamp for Inspiration

Using the training and the Bootcamp course helped me to take my online business to a new level. So it certainly something that I highly recommend you have a go at. It is free to start up as well, so you can get a good idea of what it is about before you spend any money.


how to find a niche for affiliate marketing


So this is how I found my business niche. If you are still wanting to know how to find a niche for affiliate marketing or finding you niche marketing idea, then give wealthy affiliate  a try and see if you can get some ideas there.

If you are still wanting to know how to find a niche for affiliate marketing or finding you niche marketing idea, then give wealthy affiliate  a try and see if you can get some ideas there.

Test, Try, Move on

When you are a finding you niche business ideas one of the key factors that I need to stress is that you need to research your ideas. Do keyword searches on your niche ideas – give the free trial on Jaaxy a try (keyword research tool), and there is also a keyword research tool within Wealthy Affiliate that you can use while you are in the free starter membership.  You

You don’t want to be spending money during your research stage if you can avoid it.

Also, search your niche in the search engines (google, yahoo, Bing) and see what other websites are also offering within your niche.

Then set up a website and trial your niche. Add content, relevant to your target market, and see what traffic you can generate to your site.  Don’t expect overnight results. It can take months for a website to start ranking within the search engines, so be prepared to back yourself while you see how your niche idea performs.

If it doesn’t work – then be prepared to try another one or another angle. Move on if you need to. It is better business sense not to flog a dead horse (so to speak). But in saying that, if you do good keyword research and learn what you need to know about affiliate marketing, then success is more  likely.

how to find a niche for affiliate marketing
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool in Action

For more information on niche marketing and  content and keywords, follow the links to my training page that will hopefully give you some more ideas.

I can also highly recommend doing the training in Wealthy Affiliate where you can also set up your website and have access to the industries best support and help.

Anyway, for now, let me know how you go with your niche ideas. If you have any questions please add then below and I’ll be happy to help out. Hopefully, this will help you figure out how to find a niche for affiliate marketing.


7 thoughts on “How to Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Man when I first started out with internet marketing (several years ago now) I got the niche side of things completely wrong on more than one occasion. Instead of chasing the dollar niche you really do need to stick to subjects that you comfortable with in the long run – makes it a lot easier!

    1. Hi there Chris, thanks for checking out this article. Yes I am a bit the same as you, I struggled with finding niches and made some mistakes along the way. I suppose the key is in knowing what you are good at and researching to make sure it works. Cheers James

  2. Hello James, great and informative article. This is an interesting way of looking at the online business, and how to find what to go for. I still wonder, though, how to make sure the niche is good. One thing is that is feels good, but what if I can’t really decide? How do I choose it then, is there a support for advice or something?

    1. HI there. I think you should always go with your passion or something that you love and understand first. Testing these ideas by using keyword research tools and simple ‘google’ searches will give you some idea of the ‘need’ for your niche ideas. There is some fabulous training on Wealthy Affiliate on selecting niches and great support from the WA community on the live chat that can really help to bounce ideas off. Have a look at this training from Kyle, one of the founders of WA.

      cheers James

  3. Great post on niche marketing and picking your niche, my question comes down to, how do you keep writing new articles about a niche you narrow down. Your example of grooming a persian cats leaves me wondering after a few articles, what would I write about? Does wealthy affiliate teach how to keep generating new content that doesn’t seem to be rehashed? Love your post very helpful that was the only question it left me

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for taking the time to read my post. That’s a great question of yours and you are certainly not the first ask that one. Generating ideas in a small niche can seem pretty daunting and it a hard one to answer. Searching your niche on google, reading magazines, books etc will bring up new content ideas plus what you DO know about your own niche. Outsourcing content writing on occasions can also help wth fresh perspectives and can give you new ideas as well. Also keyword research on Jaaxy keyword tool will help to generate some ideas if you use some words that relate to your niche.

      Below is a link to some training from a ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ member. 101 content ideas …

      Hope that helps a bit, James

  4. Finding a niche that fits you is so critical to starting your own online business.

    Once you find that, you can start creating high quality content that helps people and start promoting products related to your niche that bring in profit for you.

    You can even make your niche something that you a re passionate about, and that’s when your career becomes fun and exciting and still makes you money!

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