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DS Domination Reviewed

Name: DS Domination (DSD)

Website: http://dsdomination.com

Price: From $9.95 to $499.00

Owners: Co-founders Keven Hokoana, Roger Langille

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

DS Domination Product Overview

In general terms DSD is a company that teaches drop ship techniques on Ebay with a “training course” product that is sold to the member. It also has an MLM type compensation program – you must pay to get paid. Basic outline is that you copy images and details of product from Amazon and paste it into Ebay and sell it at a profit.

DS Domination was launched in 2013.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:Dsdomination-Review

  1. Drop shipping does not require and stock handling and is generally considered a legitimate for of marketing by / for manufacturers and or wholesale outlets.
  1. The sales technique appears quite simple – requiring you to copy / paste product information from a sellers site (eg Amazon ) and pasting it to Ebay for resale.
  1. Compensation plan seems to be quite good (based on member testimonials.)

The Bad:

  1. DSD promote large amounts of potential income with no income disclosure that shows average income
  1. It is portrayed as being a drop shipping exercise ( Drop shipping is technically advertising a product from a manufacturer or wholesaler and the product, once sold, is dispatched directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler) however DS Domination get you to advertise the product copied from a wholesaler ( eg Amazon) and then when a customers orders the product ( at a higher price) through you on Ebay, you then place the order back with the wholesaler (Amazon) with the customers details and make payment. You keep the difference
  1. There is no drop ship agreement between Amazon and DS Domination. In fact the process is against Amazons Terms of Service.
  1. This can cause problems when customers buy the product through Ebay then receives a parcel from Amazon – what do they do about getting a refund if needed.
  1. DS Domination has no refund policy

Who is DS Domination For?

This scheme is targeting people who are looking for online marketing business systems – affiliate marketing, MLMs etc.

DS Domination Tools & Training

There is not a lot of information on tools and training. However, the prime product that new recruits purchase are different levels of training, software and videos.

DS Domination Support

Support is accessed through a member login page. Support appears to be limited if you have a problem that needs sorting.

An insider snippet of the support page indicates that the number one knowledge base article in the DS Domination Help Desk is “How To Cancel Membership Future Billing” with over 21,000 people looking at how to do this.



DS Domination Review article

DS Domination Price


$19.95 monthly for the PRO level – Includes the Pro Level training and videos.

$99.00 monthly for the Elite Level- More advanced training

$249.99 ONE TIME fee for Unleashed training course/software/videos

$499.00 ONE TIME fee for Monopoly training course/software/videos


$9.95 monthly to activate the affiliate side to start making sales!

$199.00 One Time for Market Extreme – Marketing Materials and training for affiliates

My Final Opinion of DS DOMINATION

When I first accessed a ‘call to action’ from a banner on a social website I was not sure of who the company was (first alarm bell). But in the name of research, I went further and soon was introduced to the drop ship / sell Amazon product via Ebay video.

I was then contacted via email by a person “Jesse Singh” who has continued to send me no less that 13 emails in the last month wanting me to sign up. Obviously, there is a benefit in recruiting, even though they say that you do not need to do this.

Anyway, my ‘B S’ radar went up immediately and I have not been able to bring myself to buying in – so that pretty much sums up my opinion of DS Domination. But Im sure you can make a buck out of it if you are that way inclined.

DS Domination at a Glance…


Website: http://dsdomination.com

Overall Scam Rank: 40 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT/NOT LEGIT   –  its is hard to tell – but the fact that the main process of this business goes against the TOS of its main supplier puts it in the Not Legit category for me.  However, I have not operated in the business to give a verdict on outcomes.

My personal recommendation for those looking for a legitimate online business opportunity check out this business review.

Please feel free to leave your comments on this if you would like. Let me know what your experiences have been – good or bad.

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