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Affiliate Marketing – how can I make money?

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Let’s start with ‘what is affiliate marketing’ by definition.

Affiliate Marketing is a Article process where by a seller (merchant) offers a commission or return of sorts to a marketer (mainly a web site owner) in return for sales generated through the web site owners advertising links to the seller.

In the affiliate marketing lifecycle there are a four main stakeholders – the seller (merchant), the administrator (often third party companies who take care of the network activity for the merchant – product, offers and payments to the affiliates), the affiliate (or the website owner / advertiser) and the of course the end user – the customer.

Traditional methods of internet marketing on have evolved over time with the growth of the internet and these days many companies employ a variety of methods to sell their products. Affiliate marketing is one of the more common methods used as the sellers are able to leverage off the traffic generated from an affiliate’s web presence in order to broaden their reach into the market place.

This means that the affiliate must close a sale from his web site in order to get paid. So the evolution of the affiliate marketer begins with the need to attract customers wholesale mlb jerseys to their web sites and encourage them to click on a merchants link and buy.

Payment is generally based on commission from actual converted traffic (a sales transaction) that Focus has been generated through a website. So it is a win win situation for the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant only pays when something is sold and the affiliate can sell product or services without heavy overhead costs or inventory.

What are affiliate marketing web sites?

There are no real set types of web sites that are used by affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers can use a number of different methods for attracting customers. Some site examples are:

  • Information (content) and Niche marketing web sites – where specific areas of expertise are promoted. This attracts volume through which the affiliate can target relevant product offerings.
  • Blog sites – these often overlap with the niche marketing sites.
  • Comparison websites – these compare products and help influence the buyer to search out recommended product on their site.
  • Search affiliate sites Based – these rely on volumes and often utilize the pay per click advertising where they get paid small payments when the customer links to the seller. They are paid whether a sale is closed or not.
  • Personal web sites
  • Data base – file sharing sites – music , movie , games etc where content is shared for customer to download from sellers sites.
  • Charity sites
  • Email marketing
  • Shopping directory sites – where products or sellers are listed by categories or brands

How do I find sellers to affiliate with?

There are a number of big program management sites that offer affiliate links who also manage the tracking and payments for the sellers and affiliates. Some examples are the (Australian) and . Many retailers offer direct affiliate programs and manage them themselves. These can easily be found by typing “product” affiliate programs into your search engine, which will bring up a variety of results.

You will need to register with them and they will supply you with a traceable link that will be used to track your referrals to their sites. Most offer a range of banners or widget links that have embedded your affiliate link to be used on your web site.

Wealthy site, and site also offer affiliate programs. These are logical sites to affiliate with as they also offer excellent training and development tools for you to build your affiliate marketing business.

One of the earliest and largest internet marketing groups – – offer excellent affiliate marketing programs with a massive range of products and services to market. Amazon is very advanced with their offerings to affiliate marketers and make the process quite easy. Through their site it is possible to create an entire marketing campaign for a who category of products if you want. So it is very much worth your while getting set up with them.  Like most affiliate groups you need to register with them (if you have a buying account you can use this).

Where can I get training ?cropped-help-key-e1442382698447.jpg

There is very little, if any regulation in the affiliate marketing industry and this leaves the door open to some unscrupulous opportunists. You need to be aware and do due diligence on the groups that you team up with. See our reviews.

There is also very little training and opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing, so many people attempt to develop wholesale jerseys their sites and arrange affiliate links with Router little or no real experience.

One highly recommended site that you need to connect with is the Wealthy Affiliate University. Not only do they cheap mlb jerseys provide all the tools you will ever need to start up and operate a successful affiliate business, they also have the most comprehensive and relevant training available on the internet (or really anywhere) that will provide you with the best knowledge required to engage in an affiliate marketing business.

How do I get people to look at my website ?

This is one of the most common questions and one of the seemingly hardest parts of the marketing process. However, it isn’t necessarily that hard. But what it will take is some time and persistence.  It is rare that anyone will magically appear on the first page of any search result immediately after publishing a website.

Keywords and SEO

You may have heard of search engine optimizing (SEO). This basically relates to how well your website is rated on the various search engines.  Google is by far the largest and most popular website search engine, so it is the one that you need to work on.  SEO primarily works on keywords  or search words that you place in your website that will be picked up through a search on the search engine. In other words if a customer wants to know something about picture frames ( for example) they may type into Google ….  ‘types of picture frames’ … to see what come up.  So having some keywords that relate to ‘types of picture frames’ will help to elevate your web site in the search engine standing.

So how do you know what words are good keywords?  ah ha ! well it helps to have a good keyword search tool.

Google itself is a good search tool.  Type in any word and you will see a dropdown list of the most popular searches for cheap nba jerseys the words you enter. See below.
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So from this you can see that people enter words such as ‘picture frames online’ a lot … so this is a good area to focus your keywords and content (which Ill cover shortly).

Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tools and a program that any serious affiliate marketer should have on their desktop. Jaaxy gives you comprehensive detail of keywords and phrases that are optimal for your SEO entries.
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This Jaaxy snapshot reveals the red, yellow and green lights that indicate high or low keyword success.  QSR ratings (which indicate Internet the number of competing websites with this keyword search) with values under 300 are indicators of the better keywords to use in your website. The lower the number the less competition for that keyword.  Note that keywords is a whole training session in itself. For further training in this area I recommend accessing either Wealthy Affiliate University or Jaaxy training.


When it comes to affiliate marketing websites, they say CONTENT is king for a reason.  The most important thing that you need in your website is relevant content or information on your website subject (your Niche).  Your content is what engages your customer and brings them back to your web site.

Without good relevant content people will just click through your site and bypass your ads. So regardless of what you have to ??? sell at any price and what keywords you have to get them to wholesale jerseys your site, if you cant entertain you customer and keep them on your page your chances of making affiliated sales are very slim.

Writing content for your site need also not be hard. Picking a niche for your web site that you are familiar with or have a passion for will make writing content easy for you. However, the internet is full of fabulous information websites that you can reference material from. But NG689Skw know that copying work of others is not a acceptable and will harm your search ratings.  Good, informative content with well placed keywords will improve your standing with the search engines.

The executive summary

Affilate marketing offers an opportunity to set up a long term residual income stream through well presented and content filled websites.  But it needs to be said that this is not a get rich quick scheme, an be wary of those who offer it that way. It will require some patience and a bit of hard work. it is a form of media that you are using to inform and entertain as well as attract traffic to your affiliates sites. So you need to update and refresh your content and make your website engaging to maintain the best rankings on the search engines.

If you would like any further information or would like to just leave a comment please feel free to add your voice below or contact me at

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